Classified Secret: When Quebec TV Does Counterintelligence


It’s quite rare in Quebec that we produce this type of action series, with spies, secret agents, stunts and shootouts. What comes closest to what we propose classified secretis he blue Moon by Luc Dionne, who is already six years old. For the other comparisons, we have to go fishing among the Americans or the English, with their Homeland, Bodyguard and other muscular proposals of the genre.

In the new Duo Productions series, Rachel Miller and Émile Darcy, parents of two girls. Intelligence specialists, both work for the Security Services of Canada (SSC). When an attack occurs near the American consulate, his relatively calm life is turned upside down. Clues found at the scene reveal that the SSC have infiltrated. Soon, Émile is tasked by his bosses to investigate his own wife, who is suspected of being the notorious CIA mole for hire.

there is something good M. and Mme. Smith in this story of a pair of spies forced to face each other, imagined by François Pagé. Mélissa Désormeaux-Poulin and Patrick Labbé brilliantly take on the two lead roles. As well as being comfortable in physical sequences, they bring a welcome sensitivity to their alter ego. It must be said that they are complex characters, in particular that of Mélissa Désormeaux-Poulin who, at the beginning of the first episode, is found by Patrick Labbé’s character after being tortured by terrorists. Thirteen years later, she still lives with him. aftermath of this traumatic event. After the second episode, it’s still unclear how he ended up in a leadership position in the Secret Service, but we imagine the answer will come later.

The first episode may turn off some viewers as it contains many characters and depicts several rather complex situations. Of course, there are the various members of the SS organization, but also those of the RCMP, the mysterious uncle of Rachel and this Anti-war political dissident, 20-year-old immigrant from an Arab emirate, who is at the center of the shooting at the US consulate. Untangling all these beautiful people and their functions is not so easy. Fortunately, things are already cleared up in the second episode, although sometimes we still wonder: “Who is whose? “.

After the second episode, we would have taken more. The frenetic production of Stéphan Beaudoin and his magnificent plans convince us to trust this unusual production, with an American flavor. We can’t wait to find out what’s next.

All 10 episodes of Classified Secret will air on addikTV starting March 31 at 9pm


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