Box Office: Sandra Bullock Dethrones Batman


LThe law of the jungle has spoken again. Following the well-marked path of his illustrious predecessors (and models a little too obvious) Raiders of the Lost Ark and In search of the green diamond, The secret of the lost city finished king of the weekend at the North American box office. Provisional balance: 31 million dollars in revenue since its premiere on March 25 in 4,253 theaters. A performance of the most honorable of these days and whose lowest achievement is not having unseated the batman the highest step of the weekend’s podium, from which he had not left since his departure on March 4. The Batman was still parading in second place with 20.5 million dollars in sales: not bad for a fourth week. heading the Secret of the Lost Cityadventure comedy directed by the young brothers Aaron and Adam Nee, Sandra Bullock confirms in any case, at 57 years old, that she is still one of the most adored stars in the United States, still able to fill the multiplexes with her only name despite of a still chaotic context.

It is true that the former female star of demolition man, Speed, Miss Detective or Gravity He shares the credits of his new movie with Channing Tatum, Daniel Radcliffe and a hilarious Brad Pitt in the brief role of a super surfer-looking gunslinger. On the Internet, Tatum, whose official Twitter account is followed by 7.7 million subscribers (neither Bullock, nor Radcliffe, nor Pitt are present on the social network), has also spared no effort to raise expectations by multiplying tweets around the Secret of the Lost City. The same on his Instagram profile.

It is true that the Nee brothers could count on a benevolent press, amused by the plot’s all too familiar base sauce but, according to our colleagues, skilfully accommodated by the directors: Bullock plays the kitsch novelist Loretta Sage, depressed by the repetitiveness of the stories that made her famous, all built around the fictional adventurer Dash McMahon, represented on the covers by the stupid model Alan Caprison (Channing Tatum). While the writer starts a promotional tour with her handsome man, a billionaire (Daniel Radcliffe) kidnaps her and takes her to a desert island, convinced that she will find the location of a hidden treasure thanks to the prisoner’s books. her. To save the idol from her, a desperate Caprison calls on former Special Forces member Jack Trainer (Brad Pitt), but nothing goes as planned. Exoticism, action, laughter and good feelings: as jungle cruise with Dwayne Johnson in 2021, The secret of the lost city offers a cocktail in which the aroma ofIndiana Jonesnecessarily refreshing for an audience thirsty for escape.

the “star power” by Sandra Bullock

But beyond these crowd magnets -positive reviews, concept, sexy poster, viral marketing…-, Aaron and Adam Nee’s happy success could mostly count on Sandra Bullock’s unwavering love index across the Atlantic. , also producer of this custom made. vehicle. Ironically, by her own admission, the actress initially rejected the script several years ago, considering it outdated. Reworked by screenwriter Dana Fox, the initial plot finally met with the approval of the star who, today, can rejoice in her twist. Premiered on March 12 at the South By Southwest cult festival in Austin (Texas), The secret of the lost city received an enthusiastic welcome, a prelude to its favorable winds in the room. Sandra Bullock’s aura with the female target is over: according to data reported by the site Deadline61% of the film’s viewers this weekend were adult women, almost half of whom were over 35 years old.

Generational actress par excellence, Sandra Bullock should establish her popularity a little more with The lost City (original title of the feature film), which is already the second best start of the Paramount studio since the start of the pandemic, behind silent 2. There is no doubt that his charming score will soon be pulverized by the long-awaited Top Gun: Maverick (premiered in France on May 25, shortly after its out-of-competition screening at the Cannes Film Festival), but in the meantime, the success of Secret of the Lost City confirms the observers on two points. On the one hand, while it was said with agony in the age of streaming and big franchises, the “star power” is still a ticket factor, Sandra Bullock’s proves it. On the other hand, it is always possible to create a surprise in the cinema with a “new” concept (well, in a way…), outside the established licenses. Paramount, which will not offer the film on its streaming platform for several weeks, will scrutinize its performance abroad before deciding whether, with The secret of the lost city, keeps the secret of a new and juicy saga. In France, the public will be able to lose themselves in the eccentric jungle of the Nee brothers from April 20.


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