be careful, you only have a few days left to enjoy this content


In April there are the movies and series that arrive, but also those that will come out of the catalog throughout the month. These are the last days to enjoy Me, Moche et Méchant, Watchmen, First man, Mystic River or even Super 8 and Dune (the original) in particular.

Netflix: beware, you only have a few days left to enjoy this content
The Watchmen leave Netflix in April // Source: Warner Bros

in april there is new things on netflix you can’t miss like the series finale Ozarks, the return ofElite, anatomy of a scandal about a case that shook the United Kingdom or the documentary about Marylin Monroe.

Before launching into these new series and new movies, or catch up ryan reynolds time travel available since March, you also have to keep an eye out for movies, series and documentaries that will disappear quickly.

Do not miss

AND Watchmen, Indiana Jones 4 or Mr. Hulot’s vacation and Dune will disappear too, here is the list of movies that we recommend you not to miss before they are no longer available on Netflix.

Super 8

JJ Abrams and Steven Spielberg are behind this film in which six children witness a train wreck when they’re just out shooting with a Super 8 camera. But in this small Ohio town in the late 1970s, they quickly become They realize that something supernatural is happening. . You can’t miss it before April 15.

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First Man: the first man on the moon

Damian Chazelle (lalaland) sends Ryan Gosling to the Moon. the hero of Drive plays Neil Armstrong, the first man to set foot on the Moon, in a film that narrates the life of this American hero and the expedition that marked the conquest of space. Last landing on April 19.

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the seventh seal

Do not miss this great classic film directed by the great Ingmar Bergman. black and white film, the seventh seal was released in 1957 that tells the story of a knight returning from the crusades who embarks on a game of chess with death approaching to push back the deadline that comes his way. It’s up to him to find answers to his questions through encounters as unsettling as they are unexpected. Checkmate on April 30.

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Mystical river

Clint Eastwood’s masterpiece is one of the films you can’t miss with its gallery of stars (Sean Penn, Tim Robbins, Kevin Bacon, Laurence Fishburne, Laura Linney, etc.). The story of childhood friends traumatized by a kidnapping who find themselves involved in an investigation into the murder of the daughter of one of them. A powerful, dark, multi-award winning movie you must have seen (and by April 30th on Netflix).

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For young and old…

The first two animated films. Me, ugly and bad as well as minions it will sow panic elsewhere after April 16. Mixing real shots and synthetic images, peter rabbit faces a new enemy until April 7. On the other hand, April 14 will be the end of T’choupi, Oui-Oui, The Triplets and happy feet 2 to entertain the little ones.

The films, series and documentaries that disappear in April

  • 5th of April:
    • Entering
    • The clock prophecy
  • 6 of April:
  • April 7:
  • April 8:
    • Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
  • April 9th:
    • the last airbender
  • April 11:
    • crisis in thanksgiving
    • Male
  • April 12th:
  • April 14th:
    • bibi and tina
    • Bibi & Tina: Girls vs. Boys
    • Bibi & Tina: Totally Haunted!
    • Deep Impact
    • happy feet 2
    • triplets
    • Yes Yes
    • T’choupi
    • the wedding party
    • Watchers: The Guardians
  • April 15:
  • April 16th:
    • Me, ugly and bad
    • My favourite villain 2
    • minions
  • April 17th:
    • The cottage
    • Light in the darkness
  • April 18th:
    • An ocean of plastic (doc)
    • The secret world of emojis
  • April 19th:
    • First Man: the first man on the moon
  • April, the 21st:
  • April 24:
  • April 25th:
    • Municipalities, these heroes
  • April 26:
    • Hallowe’en
    • Plastic sea (series)
  • April 27:
    • girl jumping
    • organized affairs
    • President (series)
    • istanbul red
    • What happened in the world? (Serie)
    • international
    • a hindu father
    • Cinar Agaci
    • sour apples
    • Gorumce
    • Small companies
    • Happy life
  • April 30th:
    • a yellow bird
    • Ace Ventura in Africa
    • annie
    • Associate Against Crime
    • Charles
    • Casaway
    • clueless
    • Dark
    • Dune
    • Fire in the blood
    • Grimgar, the world of ashes and fantasy
    • autumn sonata
    • Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
    • life on board
    • single moms club
    • the seventh seal
    • the three ninjas
    • tears of the sun
    • Mr. Hulot’s vacation
    • Loev
    • Mystical river
    • mr klein
    • Christmas Mission
    • Mission Impossible
    • Mission: Impossible III
    • Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation
    • Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol
    • My uncle
    • Mainly sunny
    • Resident Evil: Damnation
    • Resident Evil: Regeneration
    • Mystical river
    • 3d piranha
    • Game time
    • Saints and strangers (series)
    • married life scene
    • sex friends
    • takers
    • Tammy
    • top gun
    • A policeman

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