Basque Country Mission: Florent Peyre’s great moment of solitude at the start of filming


This Tuesday, April 5, C8 broadcasts Mission Pays Basque in prime time. For his first major film role, Florent Peyre had a rocky start to filming.

For Florent Peyre, Mission Pays Basque is a special film. After a small appearance in Raid Dingue, it is precisely in this feature film by Ludovic Bernard that the comedian lands his first leading role. “I had just left a huge budget with Raid dingue and there, in Mission Pays Basque, we were in more intimate conditions, in which I actually had the main role. It was a bit difficult for me to manage…”, he confided to me when the film was released. At the start of filming, Florent Peyre experienced a truly lonely moment that he will never forget. if he had “well done” and that was “prepared like a good student”the comedian has lost his means: “When I heard ‘action’ I realized that I was going to be in almost every shot and that the movie was actually based on Elodie (Fontan) and me… And there I have a kind of enormous stage fright that has uploaded. “.

“I felt like a pianist playing with one finger. But Ludovic was very considerate, reassuring.said Florent Peyre, touched by the director’s patience. While talking to the whole crew, I realized that the first day on set was stressful for everyone anyway.” In this film he plays the role of Ramuntotxo Beitialarrangoita, a Basque who is going to meet a young Parisian, who has graduated as the first class of a prestigious business school like her husband. In charge of real estate acquisitions, the character played by Elodie Fontan is sent to Bayonne with the mission of persuading an old merchant to sell his hardware store to set up a minimarket there.

Florent Peyre: “I could only please myself”

The young Parisian achieves her goals, even acquiring the premises for a pittance. But she does not know that the old man is under guardianship and that her nephew, a certain Ramuntxo, is categorically opposed to the sale. If she doesn’t want to lose her job, Sybille will have to deploy treasures of seduction to convince him. If he accepted this role, it is because Florent Peyre was seduced by his character. “I found character traits in him that I would like to have: that somewhat rustic ability to say things directly to others when things bore him or bother him. He is a very virile guy, a good man and I liked that, he described. And then Ramuntxo is a nature lover and I, who was born in the countryside, who grew up by the sea, who now live in Paris because it is necessary professionally, I could only like it!

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