Anemone’s family more united than ever in the series finale of Another Story


Timeanother story ends, family takes on even more importance in Anemone’s life. His illness progresses and he wants to ensure the best for everyone before reaching the point of no return. The loves, the decisions to be made and the return of Sylvain Bergeron will upset the characters during the end…

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Time flew by to protect his family from all the past episodes ofanother story, the ending of which begins three months after the events of the previous week. “My goal, with these time jumps, is to advance Anemone’s disease and decision making. My stories are quite realistic, and a lot of times when we go from episode to episode, we find the characters the next day or a few days later. To better wrap up the series and see where everyone is going, it was important to add these jumps in time”, explains Chantal Cadieux, the author of the series.

Anemone cannot deny that the disease is gaining the upper hand on her, although she holds on very tightly and tries with all her might not to forget anything. So he wants to fix some very important things for her before he can’t do it anymore, including her involvement in Lyndsay Gagnon’s death.


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last wishes
“One of the most important things for Anemone is to protect her family from all the bad decisions and bad associations of her youth. If he had to do it again, he would surely act differently, but the only thing he can do now is to assume all the actions taken and make arrangements so that his loved ones do not have to suffer the consequences”, says Chantal. Cadieux. Anemone will have no choice but to confront Sylvain Bergeron, who arrives at her house as soon as he is released from prison.

While she can still do it, Anemone also makes a painful decision that is not unanimous in the family. “Everyone is aware that there is no going back. There are mourning to do with Alzheimer’s and we will see how everyone lives it. It’s particularly difficult for Simon to accept… For her part, Anemone focuses on the positive. One thing that she is very proud of and that warms her heart is that she managed to unite her two clans into one big family. The observation that she also makes is that her children will always be there for each other. The importance of family ties is something she emphasizes


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Life goes on
At Laval we realize that Sébastien’s illness has once again gained ground. He is but a shadow of himself, but Erik clings to the few moments of lucidity that illuminate the face of his lover.

“In addition to Alzheimer’s disease, Sébastien has other problems. His health is rapidly deteriorating and he only recognizes Erik. The latter wants to help him and continues to be by his side day and night, but there will come a time when Sébastien will no longer recognize Érik, and this will be very disturbing. It is not easy to see someone you love change before your eyes. Philippe Thibault-Denis, the actor who plays Érik, does it with such finesse! He is very, very good,” says the author.

In addition to offering us extremely emotional moments with Anemone and her family, the ending allows us to take stock of each of the characters and see them in their day-to-day lives. Simon was told that he was going to pick up one of his ex’s and wonders who he is. Could it be Naëlle? For her part, Jean-Olivier grows closer to Chloé, which worries Suzon and Lucie, who fear they will find them heartbroken. As for Benjamin, he fears that Eddy is not the right man for Caroline. On her part, Olivia is torn between her desire to join Arnaud in Brussels and her desire to stay with her family in Belleville.

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