Alessandra Sublet stops television, here is her new career, a new challenge!


Change of life for Alessandra Sublet! The TF1 host has announced that she will be stepping down from hosting TV shows for a new project!

Surprise on the French audiovisual scene! In an interview with Parisina on Thursday, April 7, 2022, Alessandra Sublet made a revelation that surprised many: she stops presenting television programs at the end of the current season. A final choice, according to her.

Alessandra Sublet TV

I take off my TV presenter costume. HAS TF1They were not so surprised, reveals Alessandra Sublet. In december, Ara Aprikian and I had a conversation. I told him I wanted to try new adventures. I have always counted on their support and I am attached to this chain. When I make a decision, it’s because I have it maturely thoughtful. No amount of argument could change my mind, he told the newspaper.

Alessandra Sublet explains her decision

The one who says she has achieved all her dreams Therefore, the animator will no longer be present in Mask Singer, in C Canteloup, in Le Grand Concours des animatrices or in Duos Mysteries. But what will she do then?

Big projects to come

Alessandra Sublet does not retire for that. She even has several projects underway. The future former presenter is writing the sequel to “Fuck Cinderella”, her second book. But she especially wants to devote herself to comedy! A new challenge for her.

Why did you start as an actress? Alessandra Sublet does not want to regret it. She explains that she has the support of her father’s kids, Clément Miserez, who is a film producer. The future actress will also star in Handi gang, a television movie to be broadcast on TF1 and in which she will play the mother of a child disabled. He is also preparing the adaptation of his book “T’as le blues, baby” for TF1, in which she should act. we wish you the best opportunity in his new career.

Alessandra Sublet: what is her true relationship with her ex-husband Clément Miserez?

This Friday April 1, 2022 marks the launch of the third season of the show Mask Singer on TF1. Alessandra Sublet will once again form part of the jury of the program presented by Camille Combal.

Interviewed by the Sunday newspaper on Sunday, March 27, 2022, as part of her participation, the 45-year-old presenter took the opportunity to reveal the secrets of her family organization with her ex-husband Clément Miserez, to ensure the well-being of their two children Charlie (born June 2012) and Alphonse (born August 2014).

good that the Housewife Divorced from the film producer since November 2020, the two have maintained a good relationship, so much so that they easily agreed on custody of their children. Alessandra Sublet keeps them every two weeks in Paris and takes the opportunity to record their shows.

The father takes over the following week, still in Paris, while the TF1 star presenter travels alone along the Côte d’Azur, between Nice and Cannes.

We are lucky, my ex-husband and I, to get along very well, the companion on the screen of Nicholas Canteloup.

So we decided to put the children in the center. They have maintained their life in Paris, it is the parents who make tours every two weeks.

A very modern approach to joint custody, which also seems to work well: I can guarantee you that they are happy. We are a separate family but surely healthier than many others that stay together, continues Alessandra Sublet.

When she has custody of her children, Alessandra Sublet makes the most of Paris

When in custody of Charlie and Alphonse, Alessandra Sublet doesn’t do things by halves. She offers them every Parisian delight possible, from visits to the Louvre, Sacré-Coeur and the Eiffel Tower, to tuk-tuk rides and hearty bacon lunches.

Recently, I even had a portrait made of the children in the Place du Tertre. It was great, I had them framed. And we went to Dalida because she loved the Lisa Azuelos movie. What Parisian does that? she jokes.

Alessandra Sublet

If the hostess Alessandra Sublet and her ex-husband are on good terms, the question of joint custody had provoked difficult comments from Clément Miserez. In his book Fuck Cinderella! published in 2021, the forties had recounted a discussion between her and the father of her children: When the question of joint custody came up, I thought I was dying of grief, writes the Lyonnaise. How could she be separated from my children, even for a few days?

Alessandra Sublet, however, made it clear that it was important that her father also have his place. This awareness was appreciated by the producer, who criticized him for his omnipresence: You took everything, Alex! Guys, the way you do it, you don’t realize how NCO you can be sometimes, he’d told her.


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