A Saguenéenne turns on Canada’s Got Talent


Remember this name: Jeanick Fournier. The Saguenéenne impressed the judges at the show. canada’s got talent this week giving an amazing performance when he sang I give upfrom the Celine Dion repertoire.

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olivia lev

olivia lev

Jeanick Fournier gave the performance of her life. The four judges were completely astonished and repeated one after another: “Wow! You’re amazing ! You’re very talented. “You are an angel and you sing like an angel,” said one, Howie Mandel. canada’s got talent it is a show where the contestants try to seduce the judges with their talent. She is back on the Citytv airwaves after a 10-year absence.

After the singer’s performance, the host of the program, Lindsay Ell, came down from the stage and, in a very emotional moment, pressed the “Golden Buzzer”, which allowed Jeanick Fournier to surrender directly to the semifinals, which will be broadcast in May. 3 and 10.

She is still in shock. “It’s crazy! It’s magical! I’m still extremely excited when I watch the show, it’s unreal in my head!” she said in an interview.

I left with no expectations. I wanted the public to defend my performance, which they did, but to my surprise, the judges were there too. I cried, I screamed. Everything that happens to me is a gift from heaven.

Jeanick Fournier

Since the broadcast of the program, she has been inundated with calls and congratulations from all over Canada and has been interviewed in various media.

Singing is his whole life.

For Jeanick Fournier, singing is a true passion that has accompanied her since she was a child. The one that she is immersed in music thanks to her family began to sing at the age of 7, with the Petites Franciscaines de Marie in Dolbeau-Mistassini, in Lac-Saint-Jean. “My mother calls herself a bus singer. She unashamedly takes the mic at a party and takes everyone with her! My mother comes from a family of 16 children, so we found over 100 people dancing and singing on New Year’s Day. On my father’s side, who died when I was 20, he played folk music, accordion and piano. »


Jeanick Fournier sang I give upsong by Celine Dion, and impressed during her appearance on the program canada’s got talent.

Your inspiration? Singers with voices like Céline Dion, Marie Denise Pelletier, Marie Carmen, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Lara Fabian and Ginette Reno. Over the years, he has entered amateur competitions and performed in his area. “I worked in the piano bar for 20 years, but what is happening to me is really extraordinary. »

In addition to music, Jeanick Fournier works part-time as a beneficiary assistant at the Saguenay Hospice Center in Chicoutimi. “I give my patients baths, help them eat and sing songs to them, at their request. I will sing during the Sacrament of the Sick, when the celebrant approaches the sick. I know my voice is good and I give it to you as a gift. Some patients even want to prepare their funeral by choosing their song with me. It is such a sacred moment for me to be with them and accompany them. »

Next step: the semi-final

Now he prepares for the semi-final. What will she sing? Although the song is chosen, it will obviously remain a secret. “I listen to the very good vocal advice of Lara Fabian in star academyShe is a very good teacher,” he says.

“I rehearse a lot. I sing at home all the time and my children are very proud of me,” says the mother of two young men with Down syndrome whom she adopted.

I couldn’t have children, so I adopted Emma and Yohan, who are 8 and 12 years old. It takes patience, love and a lot of madness! I always have a smile, and in our house we live in joy.

Jeanick Fournier

It was for her children that she participated in this hearing. She also dedicated her time on the show to them, thanking them at the end of the sequence. “On stage, I thought of my children. I wish you the best. I want to sing all my life. I want us to make memories, have fun, travel and enjoy. »

After her recent experience, Jeanick Fournier is buoyed up. We feel in his voice on the phone that nothing will stop him. She is also aiming for the final now. ” I believe it. We need to believe. Going to the final would be extraordinary. You have to trust yourself, you have to go for it. I will continue and give it my all. The final will be broadcast live on May 17 from Niagara Falls, And I’ll be 50 on May 20! So I tell myself this is my birthday present! The grand prize winner will receive $150,000.

call the public

For the next step, Jeanick Fournier says she needs the support of all of Quebec. The semifinals will be broadcast on Citytv on May 3 and 10. “We will be 18 candidates, 9 in each program. The judges will choose two to go to the final, and if I am not chosen by the judges, I can be chosen by the public! I need your votes. You’ll have 24 hours to vote after the broadcast, so be prepared. »

Meanwhile she puts on the show 5 divas, one voicewhich pays tribute to Ginette Reno, Lara Fabian, Céline Dion, Lady Gaga and Whitney Houston, on April 29 at Chicoutimi and May 4 at Dolbeau-Mistassini.


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