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Large trays like those of end the week well eitherWe’ll tell each otherdocumentaries with new facesreality shows, including Eldest brotherand high competitions as was the case of extreme expedition Y wooden headsDirector Brian Desgagné likes to vary the pleasures. Unifier, he has assembled an infallible team to carry out a project that goes off the beaten path and keeps us on our toes. wooden heads it’s a great journey both in front of and behind the cameras.

When undertaking this project as a director, was it necessary to bet first on the culinary aspect or on the adventurous aspect?

First of all, it is a culinary competition. The wildest. We expect to have a high level of execution. It was also important for Martin Picard to see exceptional dishes. Even in the woods, leaders must impress, show that nothing comes to that. It’s a cooking and survival show. We tell a story, we focus on the personality of the candidates. They reflect society in all its diversity. There is the competitivehelpless, the comic. And ultimately, it’s amazing teamwork.

Shooting outdoors adds a level of complexity and uncertainty. Was the weather a problem during the shoot?

For season 1, we were very lucky. The weather was great during the 15 days of filming. For season 2, there was torrential rain from the start. We usually start the show with a seaplane. Unable to fly. We had to cheat. Arrive by canoe. Seaplanes also drop ingredients, but if it’s raining or foggy, you can’t take off. Ingredients must remain fresh to be edible. We can’t wait an hour. It completely changes the situation. You have to constantly adapt. The schedule is messy. At the same time, you don’t want to be left behind, otherwise the light dims. Solutions must always be found.

Brian Degagne

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Brian Degagne

They are true leaders. Some are established. They face physical difficulties, it is difficult mentally. Does their bravery surprise you?

In fact. We were all pleasantly surprised. On a culinary level, not even Martin could believe it. They were amazed several times. For two weeks, they live in survival conditions. There are “babysitters” who watch over their safety, make sure they are okay. Every morning, it’s the first thing I ask them. One has a bad knee, another is bored, another is hungry. We also play with fatigue. Season 2 was more difficult. We take the aspect of survival even further. It is true that on a physical level there are some who were less fit, but in the end they all managed to improve themselves, and that is the beauty of this concept. All the chefs said that the experience had changed them.

How do you make sure you’re everywhere given there are 10 bosses to follow at the same time?

Since we shot everything in light video, there is no management. We often split into two teams. We tell each other what happened to be aware of the same story. It is impossible to see everything. Four to six cameras are in the field. There is smoke everywhere. It’s really a dance to keep the cameras out of the way and capture the emotion and the different themes. The container is as important as the content. We wanted there to be a “fictitious” look and for nature to come first. In a kitchen we have some control, but we, in the forest, turn 360 degrees. We take a lot of notes. It gets easier as you get eliminated. I always hope to see certain moments in editing.

Is he as dangerous off camera as he is on camera?

I am a team player, it is important to me that everyone is in a good mood. I told the team that we were going to take a trip together. It is true that you have to be in good shape, love the forest, the outdoors. Conditions are sometimes difficult due to the temperature. I am very aware that it is demanding for the cameramen and I pay attention to them. If not, we hit each other, we laugh a lot. And we can’t complain because unlike the participants, we stayed in luxurious chalets on the estate.

wooden heads Season 1, from Monday to Wednesday at 9:00 p.m. on TVA Season 2, from April 12 on Vrai


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