5th rank | Valmont, violent city!


Murder of a mobster with a bomb, corpse cast in cement and burial of a body in a construction site belonging to the Fournier-Costa family, things stir both in Valmont and in the kitchen of Clotilde (Frédérike Bédard).

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And crime will plague the city even more in the next season of range 5esays the co-author of the popular Radio-Canada soap opera Sylvie Lussier over the phone. A juvenile prostitution ring will worry the police, a character will die in an acid bath, Marie-Christine (Julie Beauchemin) will go out with Pascal Faubert (Antoine Durand), a key couple will divorce and the war between the two mafia clans will intensify. . like never before.

Also, to train all these ripoux, the Valmont SQ will welcome a new sergeant-detective, Isabelle Perreault, who will camp Lynda Johnson. Yes, yes, the famous Maryse of 4 and a half screenwriters of range 5e, Sylvie Lussier and Pierre Poirier. Competitive Sophie (Julie Du Page) will hate her at first sight.

Now, rest assured: the good Jean-Michel (Frédéric Millaire Zouvi) did not perish after his walk with Lucas (Louis-David Morasse). He is a character who pays too much and is too loved by fans of the series. “But Jean-Michel will come back pretty bad. We will also discover unknown parts of his past, ”notes author Sylvie Lussier.


One of the scenes from the last episode of range 5e

the creators of range 5e he had to fight for more eccentric characters like Jean-Michel, Francine (Muriel Dutil) or Gladys (Julie Roussel). “Broadcasters are very wary of these types of more outrageous characters. They are afraid of caricature, but we did well to defend our point of view”, says Sylvie Lussier.

For an agrocriminal series like range 5e breathe, you need bursts of humor and humanity. Awkward old Francine (and her bluish make-up) provides us with plenty of them, as does Jean-Michel’s nosy, goofy sympathizer Gladys.

As Tuesday night’s finale proved, Marie-Jeanne (Catherine Renaud) crossed the “red line” between cannabis cultivation and murder. She will continue her rise in organized crime alongside Tina (Brigitte Poupart) and Lucas. “And we will continue to show her personal life. Marie-Jeanne is part of the Goulet family. She is still a sister, an aunt and a lover, ”explains Sylvie Lussier.

In addition, the (new) approaches between Marie-Jeanne and Fred (Maxim Gaudette) will put the policeman in trouble. And even in prison, the psychopath Marc Trempe (Marc Béland) who, let’s remember, dismembered his sister and wanted to stuff her ex-girlfriend, will continue to manipulate the naive Marie-Paule (Ève Duranceau), the Frida Kahlo of the poor. .

As for Mireille (Geneviève Brouillette), her Carré vert will become a meeting place for the Valmont mobsters. The building that houses the restaurant belongs to Lucas, who will hold his meetings there. There is also the chef Pascal Faubert who wants to open a chic establishment and a cheese shop in the area. Bisbille on the menu, folks.

Vero news!

Véronique Cloutier is the Patrick Lagacé of conventional television. She juggles a ton of jobs without missing a thing.


Véronique Cloutier will direct a new music contest called Zenith from January 2023.

The host will once again lead the Gémeaux Awards gala on September 18. He will star in the third season of eye of the storm on Radio Canada. He will present the epilogue of his series Lotus-Menus May 19 in the Véro.TV section of Tou.tv Extra. And she heats up the daily radio Veronique and the Fantastic on Rouge FM.

Also, good news, Radio-Canada will present the excellent documentary Lotus-Menus Monday, April 11 at 9 p.m. You don’t need to subscribe to Extra to watch it.

In addition, Véronique Cloutier will pilot the new multigenerational music contest Zenith since January 2023, still on the public chain. concept? Four singers from the Quebec entertainment world, from four different generations, will try to seduce the public in the studio by inventing a number as original as it is unusual. It could be, for example, a Ginette Reno covering Billie Eilish or a rapper like Loud revisiting a Claude Léveillée classic.

in the stands of Zenith, four teams of 25 people will each represent their generation: the Z’s (born after 1994), the Y’s (born between 1981 and 1993), the X’s (born between 1968 and 1980) and the boomers (the rest!) . These four teams, made up of so-called ordinary people, therefore not stars, will vote for their favorite performance. The artist who accumulates the most points will go to the next stage until the grand final of Zenith. In short, who will be able to enchant those from 7 to 77 years old without becoming distorted?

Zenith will play live, which allows you to release the rights to the songs at a lower cost. As a live from the universe of France Beaudoin. Contrary to clash of generations of Gregory Charles, who immersed himself in improvisation, dance and competitions, Zenith will bet only on music, made by professionals.

As to First time, the program says goodbye this Thursday at 8:00 p.m. after five seasons on the air. And it is Vero who will receive the surprises. Why stop? The pandemic has worn down the team. “It was difficult to do. He is a Show of people hugging and where there are 30 of your best friends behind the curtain. In the end, we couldn’t even sit on the same sofa. Season 5 in the pandemic has completed us ”, says Véronique Cloutier.


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