10 Filming Secrets From The Last Episode Of True Nature


true nature offers a particularly light-hearted show with host Kim Rusk, hockey player Guillaume Latendresse and actor Luc Senay, who form the season’s final guest trio. But, despite the festive atmosphere, Jean-Philippe Dion has collected amazing confidences…

Here are 10 behind-the-scenes secrets from the latest episode of true nature:


Sometimes certain connections between our guests escape us, and we discover different stories when our guests meet. During this program, we discovered that Luc and Kim knew each other, since Luc had been in charge of directing the program that highlighted the 40-year career of Patrick Zabé, Kim’s father. They already knew each other a little.


To evoke Kim’s childhood, we found a doll similar to the one she had when she was young and which she hated. Thanks to a recorder inserted into her back, she could record her voice and retransmit it, allowing the doll to speak. It was downright terrifying! Kim’s parents separated when she was very young. Her mother was permissive, while her father was more rigid and controlling. Kim was backlash against him…she pulled tricks that didn’t go unnoticed and ended up making headlines!


Guillaume was extremely moving when he said that he was very close to his brother, Olivier. They played hockey together all their youth and, like all young brothers, sometimes argued. But to his father, it was inconceivable that their children would not get along. It was important to him that they be good and kind brothers to each other. Since he himself had lost his brother to cancer when he was young, he wanted his children to enjoy life together.


Luc’s youth is incredible! He lived an absurd childhood that makes no sense! A series of unusual events happened to him. His father led a double life: he wore a trench coat in which he hid different checkbooks, which he used depending on who he met. He wrote bogus checks and always managed to get away with it. As Luc’s mother fired her husband very early from her, he had to lend a hand and work to support her family. He has been, among other things, a dishwasher in a restaurant for naked dancers.


When he started, interview requests for Guillaume came from everywhere. Among other things, he had received a request from the gay monthly. The people’s voice. She granted the interview and attended a photo session without knowing the magazine very well. After the publication of the article, a rumor of homosexuality began to circulate. She was supposed to officially introduce herself. Since he was playing a lot during this period, he more or less followed what was being said about it, but the news was so big that he had to make a public correction.


On several occasions, Guillaume surprised us with the frankness of his comments regarding the hockey industry. We understand that it is a business that is not always managed with heart, sometimes to the detriment of the players. He was not accompanied enough… Also, he was given the role of a brawler, which should not have been the case. His last name is Latendresse, and it’s not for nothing! He would have been happier in a role that would have allowed him to show off more of his talent, instead of just being the one to beat up the other players on the ice. We realize that sometimes we don’t give people the casting that suits them.


Then loft storyKim tried to soften her image so people would stop seeing her as a party girl. We understand that she felt the need to change to pursue this profession, but that she was not necessarily successful when she tried. She sometimes would like to regain that freedom that she had before, not thinking about what she should do or wondering how she should act because she is a public figure. Eventually, she discovered that radio is truly her medium, because it’s where she feels most like herself.


Luc passed no less than four auditions to enter the National Theater School, without ever being accepted. The last time he played a scene of the Bros brothers dressed in Bavarian pants and a frilly shirt, and with a toilet siphon. He knew that he was not going to be chosen and so he decided to have fun. During this hearing, the great actress Michelle Rossignol, who was part of the jury, stood out. She recommended him to Gilles Carle, who was looking for a buffoon for one of his films. Thus he began his career. Speaking of which, Luc hates the word “career”. He didn’t want me to use that word because, to him, it’s more a series of projects that have nurtured and advanced him than a career-building whole.


The most emotional guest during the weekend was Guillaume. He’s up against the stereotypes of the strong, solid hockey player who represses his emotions, which is absolutely not the case! When it came to his family, his parents, he was very emotional. He has an amazing relationship with his grandfather Bob, who was his grandson’s statistician and game recorder. Guillaume is not only a family man, but also a man of heart.


Guillaume was our DJ and he played us songs from his favorite repertoire. We discovered his exceptional talent: he knows all the Quebec songs by heart! In his youth, when he played hockey, he would travel around Quebec and listen to Cité Rock Détente, as we used to say at the time. That’s how he learned those songs. He revealed that his favorite artist from Quebec is Lynda Lemay. You know all his songs! It’s still amazing for a hockey player…

the episode of true nature starring Guillaume Latendresse, Kim Rusk and Luc Senay will be broadcast on Sunday, April 3 at 9 p.m. on TVA.

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