10 characters whose death shocked us


Movies and series have a strange effect on those who watch them. In a few hours, these works captivate millions of viewers and make them stick to characters that don’t really exist. In order to arouse emotions in us, it even happens that the scriptwriters decide kill some of your creations. When this happens, it is rare for the viewer to come out unscathed. Get out your tissues, we decided to share with you these 10 characters whose death has upset us.

#10 Ellie – Up There

Disney productions don’t need to pray for long to make us shed a little tear. The test, from the beginning of the film. Up there, we are helping one of the most heartbreaking deaths we’ve ever seen. After following the ups and downs of Ellie and Carl’s love story, the viewer is forced to watch helplessly Ellie letting herself get carried away by the disease. The parting sequence between the two characters is so heartbreaking that it provides Carl with unprecedented depth for the rest of the film.

#9 Rue – The Hunger Games

During her first Hunger Games, Katniss will meet Of a sweet and innocent girl named Rue, who was also forced to participate in these sordid games. Rue will save Katniss and the two contestants will decide to team up. But their collaboration will only be short-lived. Quickly, Rue will be assassinated by another candidate. The girl’s death will haunt viewers for several films. As will be the case with Katniss, who will decide to offer her a funeral full of emotions.

#8 Dobby – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1

During his first on-screen appearances, Dobby was in the pay of the Malfoys and tried to warn Harry of the dangers that awaited him. Then having become a free elf, the character will never fail to prove his loyalty to our hero. At the end of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1, the house elf will sacrifice himself to save Harry, Ron and Hermione.

#7 Ned Stark – Game of Thrones

Ned Stark’s death had a huge impact on game of Thrones. It was at this point that the series finally took a decisive turn, agreeing to kill off one of the most virtuous characters in its history. The death of Ned Stark will have an unprecedented impact on the development of certain characters. If the moment of his beheading is not openly shown in the image, we can live it through the emotion of his two daughters, present during the assassination, and completely shaken by this tragic event.

#6 Glenn – The Walking Dead

Glenn’s execution is without a doubt one of the scariest, all seasons combined, of the series The Walking Dead. This helped propel Negan from the ranks of a villain to that of a hideous monster. In retaliation for his incursion into his community, Negan decided to to randomly execute a member of Rick Grimes’ group. When Abraham was finally killed, Daryl couldn’t contain his anger. to punish him, Negan immediately attacked Glenn. Using Lucile (a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire), he crushed the head of this iconic character from the series. His death was experienced as a real shock to his other comrades. Meanwhile, the public considered his execution cruel and particularly unfair.

#5 Mufasa – The Lion King

This scene has become one of the most cult films of animation. After saving Simba from certain death, Mufasa finds himself in dire straits, fighting for his life on the edge of a cliff. So he is betrayed by his own brother, Scar. The perfidious lion will push him into the void, before the astonished gaze of his son, while he pronounces these few words: “Long live the king”.

#4 Sirius Black – Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

If Dumbledore’s death turned out to be particularly hard for Harry to get over, it’s nothing compared to Sirius Black’s. Inside Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkabanour hero thought the wizard was responsible for the death of his parents. But upon meeting him, Harry finally finds out the truth about him. Over time, the young mage even began to consider him as a kind of surrogate father. While the two were now linked by a strong bond, Sirius Black was killed during the Battle of the Department of Mysteries.

#3 Gwen Stacy – The Amazing Spider-Man 2

To date, few superhero movie scenes can claim to have been as moving as Gwen Stacy’s death in The incredible Spider-Man 2. The character’s demise comes when Spider-Man confronts Norman Osborn, who eventually became the Green Goblin. Gwen falls from the top of a tower, under the helpless gaze of Peter Parker. The hero then tries to help him, but he finally catches her a few seconds too late…

#2 Bambi’s Mother – Bambi

In this film we become attached to a duo made up of two adorable deer. When suddenly Bambi’s mother is killed by a hunter. The scene is not shown as such on the screen, but the mere sound of gunshots and what follows has helped traumatize millions of children around the world. For many, it is one of the most shocking scenes in the history of cinema, for his way of introducing children to the concept of death.

#1 Thomas – My Girl

At first sight, My girlfriend similar to a beautiful story of friendship between two childhood friends. But in reality, the story will take an unexpected turn when Vada loses one of the people who means the most to her, his best friend Thomas. A first scene will show us the announcement of the child’s death to the young woman. Vada will then burst into tears upon hearing the news. Then, it will be the funeral scene’s turn to deal us the fatal blow. At that moment, Vada will discover his best friend lying in an open coffin.

And you, What movie or series death has disgusted you the most? Answer this question in the comments. Launch yourself, then, in this article that deals with why these 10 actors refused to reprise their roles in a sequel to a cult movie.


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