WWE RAW Results April 4, 2022


WWE RAW Dallas, Texas

The commentators are Jimmy Smith, Byron Saxton and Corey Graves.

– Tonight is WWE RAW AfterMania, the red show kicks off with a video about the events at WrestleMania this weekend (results here). The commentators welcome us and Cody Rhodes arrives in the ring. The crowd chants his name. Cody asks what are we talking about? He was a free agent and he chose to remain silent. He listened to the theories with explanations that made no sense. Was returning to WWE a difficult decision? No. It was easy, the star went to dust. The man here signed a multi-year contract with WWE. If there was any doubt in the election, the moment he stood up in front of 70,000 fans, the moment he beat the best fighter of the era, the doubt was gone. It goes under this quote: A man meets his destiny on the path he wants to avoid. So let’s take a look at the TitanTron. We see a picture of his father in 1977 at Madison Square Garden.

Cody says it’s his father, the American Dream. It is easy to say that she is his father, but in reality she is a legend, the son of a plumber, the normal man, for him she was his hero. His father holds the title that Hulk Hogan, Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Triple H and others have held. This photo was in his father’s room until the last day. He told his dad that he didn’t know he was a champion like Hogan. His father replied that he won the match by Count Out, so he didn’t get the title. He was eight years old, so he knew what he had to do. He had to win the title here and return it to the hands of the American Dream. Unfortunately this dream died, it died right in front of him. This opportunity has passed. He can’t physically put the title in his father’s hands, but he can put it the size of American Nightmare. The crowd chants that he can do it. Cody says that he’s standing here finally ready. And he will. He takes the title that he was denied to the family from him. He will do it for him and for the American Dream. He starts Seth Rollins’ music and he goes up to the ring. The two look at each other and shake hands.

– Naomi and Sasha Banks enter the ring. Back after the break, the rivals arrive.

Tag Team Title Contenders – Tag Team Match

Naomi and Sasha Banks vs. Rhea Ripley and Liv Morgan

At the end of the fight, Naomi and Banks do their Jaw Breaker and Powerbomb combination on Morgan for the count of three.

Winners: Naomi and Sasha Banks

– After the fight, Ripley is not happy with Morgan’s performance and leaves the ring without Morgan.

– Back, Kevin Owens is in the ring.

Owens says he made a mistake. In the main event of WrestleMania 38 on Saturday with Stone Cold, he wanted to catch him with one last match, but he underestimated Stone Cold. Stone Cold is always good. You have to be good to compete against him since he is the best that has ever stepped into a ring. He got caught because he had a back injury. He was in the weight room the day before, heavy and he got hurt. But he knew that the WWE Universe needed him, so he sacrificed his health for us. Stone Cold’s win was nice, but he should be taken off the charts since he wasn’t 100%. He starts a music and is Elias with a new style under the name of Ezekiel.

Owens asks if it’s Elias. Owens asks where he was and who he thinks is coming to cut him off. Elias says that he is not Elias. He is Elijah’s younger brother. His name is Ezekiel. Owens asks what he just said, he recognizes the eyes, it’s Elias. Ezekiel says that he is his little brother. Owens tells him to stop lying. He doesn’t like liars. Ezekiel says that if Owens hates liars, he must hate himself. Saturday Owens lied to Stone Cold and got knocked out. Owens says that he never had Elias and that he still doesn’t like him. The truth is that Elias, Erik, Enrike have 10 seconds to leave the ring. Owens counts, but he stays in the ring. Owens decides to leave.

singles match

dominik mysterio Accompanied by King mystery against The Miz

Miz blocks a shot from Dominik and gives him a Skull Crushing Finale to cover him for a count of three in less than a minute.

Gagnant: The Miz

– After the fight, the music of See Mahaan starts and reaches the ring. Miz runs away, Veer kicks Dominik. Rey lands a few hits on him, but Veer hits him with a Clothesline and follows up with a Side Slam. Veer continues with a Camel Clutch on Dominik to make him suffer.

– The new RAW champion bianca belair arrives in the ring. Back, Belair says that he wants to thank all of us for never giving up on her and believing that he was going to win the title. Belair says that he needed her loss to Becky Lynch to know how much better she could be. Belair says that it hurt her to realize that she may lose him all at once. Belair says she’s been through hell to get the title back, she never cheated. Becky did her best to prevent it. Becky came for her hair and even for her eye. She even with one eye she could win. We needed something better than Becky Lynch, so she improved. She knows what it’s like to be on top and lose her place. She will never let go of the title again. So she is ready to face everyone behind the scenes. After Saturday is better. Becky should use this quiet time to rediscover herself. She is the EST of WWE and the new champion.

– We present a video about the rivalry between Breakker and Ziggler.

– Back, the fighters arrive.

NXT Championship – Singles Match

Dolph Ziggler (c) accompanied by Robert Roode vs source switch

At the end of the fight, Ziggler hits Breakker as he returns to the ring and applies a Fameasser to cover him, but Breakker resists two. Ziggler looks for a Superkick, but Breakker mistakes it for his finisher and Ziggler puts a finger in his eye. Ziggler follows up with a Superkick to cover him, but Breakker resists with two! Ziggler goes for another Superkick, but Breakker blocks it with a Spear. Breakker continues with his PowerSlam for the count of three.

Winner: Bron Breakker – New Champion

– Back, MVP is in the ring. MVP says that actions speak louder than words. It is with pleasure that he introduces us to a man that his actions speak of. A man who beat the Goliath that terrified RAW and didn’t even need him. MVP introduces us to Bobby Lashley. Lashley says that when Omos challenged at WrestleMania he couldn’t resist. He had to see how strong and terrifying Omos was. When he knocked out Omos in the ring, he realized that Omos was beatable. Omos threw him across the ring, the strongest man he’s ever faced. He felt almost hopeless. The only way to beat this guy was if he made a mistake and with a mistake it was a three count. The Omos music starts and he arrives. Omos says it was a fluke, he wants revenge on him. MVP hits Lashley in the back with the microphone! Omos hits Lashley. MVP jumps on Lashley and starts hitting him. Omos finishes off with his Double Hand ChokeSlam.

– Backstage, Liv Morgan asks Rhea Ripley what she did. Ripley says she went to the referees to get a tag team title match. Morgan says that she made her feel safer. Ripley says that she apologizes.

– Back, Zelina Vega and Carmella are in the ring. Vega says that she wants to clarify something. The loss of the title is because of Carmella. Carmella is so preoccupied with herself with her role as the most beautiful woman and her husband that he is too foolish to marry her. On the other hand, Corey Graves is very handsome. Carmella says that Vega can bring the flowers to her wedding. Vega starts beating her up and Carmella goes to hide in Graves’ arms. The two kiss.

– We present you a video from yesterday at WrestleMania with Vince McMahon’s return to the ring and Stone Cold’s attack.

– Behind the scenes, the Usos arrest Austin Theory. The Usos laugh at their defeat. Jey says they can win, the tag team titles will stay with them. The Bloodline runs the company. Why doesn’t Vince McMahon select them? Jey says that he would be humiliated if a former NFL player and Stone Cold beat him up. The theory says that he had the victory in his pocket. It is Vince McMahon’s best investment. Tonight Finn Balor will pay for McAfee’s victory.

Six-man tag team match

RK-brother (Randy Orton and Riddle) and Finn Balor vs. The Usos (Jimmy and Jay Uso) and Austin’s theory

At the end of the fight, Orton applies an RKO to Jimmy, but Jey superkicks him. Riddle launches from the corner, but Jey blocks him with a Superkick. Theory blocks a shot from Balor and makes his ATL for the count of three.

Winner: The Usos and Austin Theory

– Edge enters the ring. Returning, Edge says that he is an honest man. He said that AJ Styles was going to face him on judgment day at WrestleMania and he got it. But he wasn’t expecting Damian Priest, but that makes sense if you think about it. Unfortunately, it is difficult for us to reflect. But for too long, Damian Priest tried to be a role model for us, like him. Edge asks everyone to defend the man who respects his message, the man who will be the punishment for the guilty, Damian Priest. Priest enters the ring.

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