“We had seen the episode and we knew that Caroline was going to be dismantled”


This Monday, March 28, M6 broadcast the second episode of married at first sight. Among bruno and alice, the crush was almost immediate. Instead, between Caroline and Axel, it was another song… The young woman confesses that she was not physically seduced. “When I discover Axel, I am disappointed.“, he entrusted us”.It really is one of the worst moments of my life. It’s horrible to say that but it’s true. I’m really mixed between “I want to share my disappointment” and at the same time I can’t hurt him like this…“, he adds. How axel Did he experience this number? He grants us an interview.

I felt a distance between me and Caroline’s mother

Télé-Loisirs: Why did you choose to participate in this program?

axel: I posted a story in April on Insta basically to waste time, and I have a host who contacted me two months later, introduced me to the show, and asked if I was interested. In my story, I said “by 2022, you’ll have to choose between Love is in the Meadow and Married at First Sight.”

Do you question yourself before saying “yes”?

Obviously I’m asking questions because I’m a bit skeptical. We raised things and discussed things, and then I said to myself “ok, he looks serious”. I thought no one would find me…

Does this experience help you learn more about yourself?

When I started to fill out the questionnaires, I thought to myself that I was not consistent. I realized that I had a list of demands as long as your arm, it was a synthesis of everything I didn’t like about my exes. I told myself that I had to focus on “what I want”.

What mood are you in when you arrive at the ceremony?

I have not been stressed, I have always been very detached, I am not one of those who cultivates stress, it is useless, it even helps me! It is clear that there is a certain pressure that rises: when one sees himself dressed up, one says “shit is for soon”. the preparation, the morning of the ceremony and then when I got to the wedding venue, I had my makeup on, I saw the cameras: it’s more of an adrenaline rush than negative pressure. I was happy to be there.

You bring two stuffed animals that represent your dogs. Is this your idea?

It was my idea because I was heartbroken not to take my dogs with me. For me it was important, even essential, I thought it would be nice to find a symbol to have them with me. I wanted my wife, at first glance, to say to herself “hey she, he has dogs” and also for her to say to herself “she has enough second grade to bring stuffed animals to a serious event”. I wanted her to see that I have this crazy side.

How do you feel when you discover Caroline’s family ? There seems to be a lot of discomfort…

It’s really television that makes this feel.… When I arrived, I had the impression of seeing our two families who had known each other for a long time like during a classic wedding. I was afraid of the look of the others and finally everyone was smiling. Everything went well, I had no stress seeing them. We quickly talked and broke the ice. I waited almost from 1h30 to 2h, from 1h30 to 2h, there was almost no white. There was a certain cohesion between all of us. I did not feel any judgment as the screen shows. I didn’t feel like everyone was like “it’s not going to work”. Then they were very skeptical, it’s true. Regarding Caroline’s mother, I felt a distance that was created in the sense that there was a disappointment. It was quite a questionable disappointment.

When I saw the photos in January, I was not very well…

What do you think of Caroline when you discover her?

Caroline when I see her arrive, there are two things that catch my attention, I already say to myself “he exists” (laughs). I see a simple dress and I think “stunning”. He wanted a woman in a simple dress, he didn’t want an exuberant princess dress.

In the episode, Caroline shares her doubts. What do you feel when you discover their feelings?

I saw the images in January with the production as part of the filming of “What have become?“. I slapped myself at that moment, it’s never nice to hear things like that, between the mother’s comments, the great zooms on the witnesses and even her, her feelings… In January that hit me, I wasn’t very well. Today when I went back to see the images, I took things with much more perspective. Her relatives and her mother know her needs, her wishes. The history of the beard and complexion is also in the heat of the moment. we must not forget that we have been waiting for two hours.

she has received lots of criticism and hate messages following this episode. What do you want to tell him?

I gave him my support. We had seen the episode, we knew that they were going to dismember her… Caro has a very special character: we like it or we don’t like it. We knew it. We will always support each other. What hurts me today is seeing the hate comments towards her.


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