Vincent Lagaf in a wheelchair after a terrible accident.


How is Vincent Lagaf doing since he injured his leg and filmed himself in the hospital? Since he announced that he had been the victim of an accident.

it was worrying Vincent Lagaf had not given any news since March 22, when he announced to Internet users that he had been the victim of an accident. Hello everyone, people. How are you doing at home? I, strangely, feel broken. Are you surprised? Do not hesitate to answer, I will have time to read your comments.

vincent lagaf accident

See you soon! he said on his Instagram account, posting a video of him on his illuminated of hospitals Sunday afternoon, weekend day time, good test ride (a motorcycle sport, editor’s note). And then poof, poof, crack! She broke my leg. I’ll keep you posted, she added, before revealing her leg in a cast. If her fans were surprised to see him in such a state, this is not the first time that the former host of TF1 get hurt while working.

Vincent Lagaf finally speaks

this monday 4 April, Vincent Lagaf has finally broken the silence. It is in a video and in a wheelchair that the former presenter of Bigdil spoke. But don’t panic, she tried to reassure the audience of her. Many of you ask me for news, which makes me very happy.

As you can see, I’m a bit immobilized but on the other hand, I’m mobile. I can move at will, she said moving in her wheelchair. electric.

It’s been two weeks since I was cured, he continued, moving his pied to show that he was better.

He also revealed that he will definitely have all 25 staples removed from his ankle. I have fifteen days left and I’m starting rehabilitation.

Then it’s okay! Thanks for worrying about me! she added she. Vincent Lagaf also gave news of his multiple projects and confirmed that he has left the new show that he is preparing in the background. Back to a better jump!

Vincent Lagaf Abandoned at Birth: His Painful Secrets About His Birth Mother.

Vincent Lagaf had a difficult childhood. The former TF1 presenter was abandoned at birth by his biological mother, before spend his early years on public assistance. A sad story that he told twice about the TV sets some years ago.

Vincent Lagaf has come a long way. The former presenter of TF1, currently hospitalized after a accident motorcycle, although he always has a big smile and is in a good mood, he hides a lot of suffering. She had a particularly difficult childhood.

If the 62-year-old presenter has always admitted that his real name was Vincent Rouil, that’s not entirely true. The former presenter of Bigdil was baptized Frank in the birth. A name he owes to his biological mother who abandoned him after giving birth.

This is how Vincent Lagaf lived the first years of his life on public assistance, before being adopted by a Couple. A moving story told in 2005 on the set of Attention to walk. So what Jean-Luc Reichmann broadcasts images on the air from his childhood, his colleague bravely told his sad story.

Vincent Lagaf trusts us with his adoption.

These photos are the first ones taken of me after I left public assistance. I had the chance be adopted by wonderful people. I received a lot of love from them, confesses Vincent Lagaf, who finally experienced the happiness within a family that lacked nothing. Unfortunately, my great regret is that my mother, who died in 1988, did not have time to see me reach the top of the account, she lamented.

Years later, on the set of Salut les Terrans, the former television presenter French revealed that he had managed to find his biological mother. A necessity to continue his life as a man. He needed to know a little about the blood that ran through my veins, he explains. He wanted to know my story, to know why I ended up on public assistance. I searched a bit, found it easily.

Vincent Lagaf and his reunion with his biological mother

Vincent Lagaf has finally managed to contact his biological mother. A reunion that began with great disappointment. I did not have a 100% pleasant contact at first, and then when I explained to the person on the phone who I was. There was a blank space and she said ‘yeah, oh my God, he said Thierry Ardisson.

Vincent Lagaf

When they meet, the son and the mother He spoke openly and the latter revealed the reason for his abandonment. A secret that Vincent Lagaf wants to keep. He spent six hours telling me what had happened, she said. I wouldn’t have wanted to be in his place, so somewhere I said thank you for having the courage to let me help. A single contact with his biological mother whom he did not seek to see again.


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