“The Substitute”, Eve Angeli, Jarry… A look at the retro TV of the week


Attention spoilers… Here, we are talking about television. Of the reality show in the news of 13 hours going through the regional thrillers of France 3, 20 minutes – and, above all, the incredible editorial team of the “Retro TV” section (composed of only one person) – scrutinizes everything that happens on the small screen. But yeah, you know, that box that comes to life that young people use to look at Youtube ! Every Saturday, therefore, it is here that you will find our favorites (or not), all the fresh information and indiscretions of the week. Come on, let’s take a look at the TV news?

week number

We expected a card, it was a shot in the water. A year ago, joeystarr attracted more than 6.5 million onlookers in the pilot of the Replacea new series of TF1. in replay, this figure had even reached 8.1 million viewers. Unfortunately for the channel, time passed and a good part of the public left. This Monday, the two new episodes were seen by 3.1 million people, half that of last year. For now, we still don’t know if a sequel is in the cards.

The sentence of the post

“I have back pain for life”, here is the bitter observation that Eve Angeli makes after her participation in Splash nine years ago. Remember: in 2013, TF1 launched a show where sixteen celebrities tried to make the best dive possible. At that time, some voices were raised to denounce the lack of preparation of the candidates. guest on the show at jordan’s houseEve Angeli revealed that she suffered a “whiplash”.

“I was 5 meters away, I dived headfirst and since I didn’t have much rehearsal […], not prepared enough, I raised my head at the wrong moment, just as you come into a confrontation with the water and boom, it whipped me. All my life, I am in pain,” she confesses. Despite this incident, the singer did not ask for compensation from the production.

The moment of zapping

Jarry took advantage of the transmission of the six nations tournament (and its large audience) to promote its arrival in France 2. In a clip, we see the comedian as a rugby coach before releasing the first images of the Big showan entertainment that mixes humor and emotion.

During this excerpt, we see Amir and Laëtitia Milot, as well as a panoply of strangers crying. Hidden cameras, happenings on stage, reunions… The show wants to be the most feel good.

popcorn info

Less than a week from the launch of mask singer in TF1. While we are eager to find out who is behind the twelve costumes of this third edition, we already know that there will be changes next year. In an interview with entertainment tv, Alessandra Sublet has announced that she will not return for a fourth season. “Since the beginning of the filming of season 3, Jarry and I warned the production that it was our last season, so as not to lose freshness and spontaneity”, she confesses. It remains to be seen if Kev Adams and Anggun will be there as well.

Did you miss the Bouleys and the Lepics? After having done the beautiful days of France 2, the two families are back NRJ12. As of Friday, April 15, the channel will broadcast all Don’t do this, don’t do that. So we’ll start with a true time jump as the first episode dates back to 2007. Yes, that means fifteen years ago.

The Paradis campsite is about to reopen its doors. Peak season is just around the corner and celebrities are quick to move their hips to the beat of Boom Boom Party. Among them, Corinne Touzet, Cartman, Kamel Belghazi and the singer Keen’Vreports the parisian. Be patient before seeing all these little people on your screens since filming begins on Monday.


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