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The series that marks the filmmaker’s return to directing michael man, tokyo vicecoming soon in Max HBO : What did the English press think?

Since the HBO Max streaming platform is not yet available in France, the situation of several Warner and HBO productions is uncertain for our territory. Whether it’s the latest DCEU production, Pacifieror the new creation of Patrick Somerville (creator of Maniac), station eleventhe lack of information about the premiere of some series leaves a bitter feeling of frustration.

But fortunately, some achievements manage to pass between the drops, in particular the spin-off of game of Throneswho recently revealed its release date in OCS, and the highly anticipated tokyo vice, which will land on Canal+. The latter, created by the screenwriter JT-Rogers (Oslo), sign the return to the direction of a certain Michael Mann (Heat, Collateral, Miami Vice) – seven years after the failure of his last (great) film, hacker.

In addition to being an executive producer, The American filmmaker directs the pilot of the series here: a successful bet? Press Magazine.

Tokyo Vice : Photo , Ansel ElgortAfter Spielberg, Ansel Elgort turns to Michael Mann

“Tokyo Vice is an investigation, a thriller, a portrait of a city and a moving story about people who just try to live their lives however they please, no matter how. And, for me, I can’t wait to see what this Tokyo still has.” reserved for these characters. collider

“Tokyo Vice is included in a major new revision of the canons of dramatic thrillers. […] A beautifully shot and elegantly acted series that sometimes seems to get carried away in its writing. The pilot conveys the disorientation of arriving in a new place so effectively that the fish-out-of-water plot feels refreshed.” Variety

Tokyo Vice : photoA series that seems to have style

“Don’t let this story of a mysterious character in an unknown land (and Elgort’s presence) put you off Tokyo Vice. It’s as bitter and atmospheric as any Michael Mann-directed story you’ll see. Whether it’s the journalistic part, the narrative restless and Takeshiesque tempo thriller, the first five critically provided episodes prepare us for a welcome session of thrills. Consequence

“The Rogers series isn’t so much about developing distinct individuals as it is about exploring the dark side of Japanese crime. But if you can accept Jake, Hiroto and Emi as outsiders, fighting for truth and justice in a corrupt city, the series will never fail to find its tone in hard noir”. IndieWire

Tokyo Vice : phototokyo drift

“After an uneven narrative start, saved in large part by Michael Mann’s undeniable savvy, the series gradually proves its worth over the next several episodes, growing richer and more interesting one after another. It’s a show that will require patience, but it’s growing up to feel worthwhile. the playlist

“It’s immersive and exciting, if more conventional than you’d expect. […] Michael Mann is directing the pilot, bringing enough design, flair and panache to recall what he created with Miami Vice on television early in his career. He sets the tone for the show, more academic than flashy, from start to finish.” movie nation

“Tokyo Vice definitely has its moments of glory, like a long action sequence where swords are eminently more useful than guns. But it’s hard not to end up feeling like the series could have been more.” Rolling Stone

Tokyo Vice: photo, Ken Watanabe, Ansel ElgortWhen you get along with your friends ask Channel to give link to watch the series

The press generally agrees that tokyo vice it is a great success. The atmosphere and tension of the series. seems to have won over the critics, who unanimously acclaim the pilot directed by Michael Mann. The style and elegance of the set – already promised in the first images recently revealed – also seem to be confirmed in a priori fascinating creation in terms of staging.

However, some nuances are added to the inequality of writing and the requirement of the series in general. We’ll have to wait for a French release date to find out. tokyo vice and whether these few flaws will taint the experience. Suffice it to say that despite the few negative points, these positive opinions continue to make this beautiful project attractive, which should arrive soon, since Americans will be able to discover it on April 7 on HBO Max. In France, the broadcast date on Canal+ is still unknown.


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