the first reviews have fallen, the film would be catastrophic


Then’critical failure previous movies Poison, the Sony’s Spider-Man Universe opens on March 30 with a new movie: Morbiuswith Jared Leto in the lead role. the first press releases had taken place this week and reviews are mixed at best, at worst catastrophic. Morbius : worse movie than Poison ? This is what the first viewers think.

Morbius : “a failed scenario from 2005”

Morbius is one of the favorite anti-heroes of Marvel comics fans.. The character is dark, violent and powerful. Sony, at the start of filming Venom and with the rights to the Spider-Man character, said it wanted to create its own extended universe of movies, called The Sony’s Spider-Man Universe (SSU) does not Poisonits sequel Venom: Let There Be Carnage and now Morbius are the first elements. will follow later kraven the hunter, lady web and Spider woman. But if the opinions about the first two movies with Tom Hardy are far from favorable reviews, those of the next Morbius movie are abysmal average. But be careful, the press still has no right to give its opinion, we will have to wait until Tuesday for the embargo to be lifted. Only influencers are allowed to speak in public. Corn that didn’t stop secrets from happening on Twitter.

#Morbius It proves that no matter how many famous faces or brilliant images you throw in, Sony will always find a way to impressively misrepresent basic storytelling.

March 24, 2022

Morbius proves that no matter how many brilliant images you include, Sony will always manage to miss the core of the narrative.

I heard from several journalists who have already seen the film (trash purposes) that it is boring and without calculation. No consistency, except it’s bad. Good timing here and there, and 2-3 Easter eggs, but otherwise just watch it when I get home. \ud83d\ude2c #Morbius

March 20, 2022

I heard from several journalists that the film was boring and incomplete, without consistency, except that it is bad. Good times here and there, 2-3 Easter Eggs, but overall watch it at home (on SVOD or DVD)

This method usually allowsensure a wave of positive reviews as influencers do not have the same critical role as the press, but nevertheless it is a failure since the latter destroyed the film. And to top it off, it seems many scenes and easter eggs from the trailers are not in the movie, I like the one that explains Morbius’s place in the MCUas well as any reference to Spider-Man, the Daily Buggle or the actor Michael Keaton, still present in the credits. Many are outraged by this, arguing that it isa marketing gimmick to encourage MCU fans to go to theaters and take an interest in the film. The icing on the manure: this poor Jared Leto who disappoints once again in the role of a Comics character. Some comments even claim that he is present in the worst DC movie (suicide squad) and Worst Marvel Movie (Morbius).

I have seen #Morbius and it’s in the same vein as the first Venom, if not a little better. We see that Sony has found the recipe for its universe. Personally, I thought it was very good.

PS: There will be a lot of talk about the post-credits scenes, I won’t say more

March 23, 2022

Morbius: the spoilers already present

Surprisingly, a few days before a movie premiere, director Daniel Espinosa promoted the film by revealing large parts of the plotand presenting the fact that Spider-Man would be present in the film and would be revealed later (in a sequel?) but also that Morbius takes place in the same universe as Poison, something that is not easy to guess and that has no interest in the plot of this one. Same the two scenes after the mid-credits are “useless and too vague” as they don’t give anything away.

scene cut
Scene cut (Keaton is still credited in a different scene)

In the words of Michael Scott.


March 21, 2022

Deleted scenes (Keaton is always credited for a scene that is not in the movie.)
In the world of Michael Scott:


We will have to wait for the premiere of the film to, obviously, obtain a constructive opinion. But given that it’s a Marvel X Sony imprint, there’s a good chance that, like the previous Venom, Morbius be a box office hit despite what the critics say. However, it will be interesting to see what Sony decides for the character in the future of his multiverse.

On #Morbius Matt Smith gloriously beautifies the setting and Oliver Wood adds visual flair to the action sequences.
Other than that, the poor plotting and messy cgi, the muddled editing, and the worst sound mix all result in utter incoherence.
But the post-credits manage to do it all

March 24, 2022

In Morbius, Matt Smith kindly occupies the space and the screen and Oliver Wood presents us with nice visual effects in the action scenes. Other than that, he’s bad. Bad script, bad special effects, confusing editing and the worst sound mix resulting in absolute inconsistency. But the post-credit scenes manage to take a turn for the worse.

Well, #Morbius it’s as bad as you expected. A 2005 plot collides with visually confusing CGI to create a bit of a nap party. But don’t worry, they’ve saved the worst for last. With some of the worst post-credits scenes you’ll ever see, Sony is beside itself.

March 24, 2022

Morbius is as bad as you can imagine. A 2006 script collides with muddled CGI to create an essay fest, but they saved the worst for last. They feature some of the worst post-credit scenes you’ll ever see. Sony has lost the ball.

Sony really needs to stop making superhero movies that they don’t know how to do. #Morbius it is a very bad movie. They even managed to cut scenes from Vulture…

March 23, 2022

Sony when they announce their next movie in the Spider-man universe / When you see the film. #Morbius

March 22, 2022

have no way to have Morbius
pampered pampered home
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March 25, 2022

being spoiled No Way Home vs being spoiled Morbius


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