the first reviews have fallen (and it may be worse than Venom)


The first viewers of Morbius They gave their opinion, and they are very disappointed. Big flop in the offing?

The latest and not so long awaited movie from Sony, Morbius, unexpectedly (not) disappointed early viewers. Still subject to the embargo, the press is not entitled to comment before Tuesday. Only influencers, invited to media previews, are allowed to express themselves on social media to share their feelings, because they are not subject to the embargo (a priori).

A common method for this type of blockbuster, the studies having understood that influencers were generally more enthusiastic and less demanding than specialized critics. Thus, in this way, the first impressions around your film are usually positive and exciting. How to avoid a barrage of harsh criticism that can repel viewers. except for once the strategy failed because a good group of influential people ruined the movie on social media (much to the annoyance of Sony and Marvel).

If the effect Spider-Verse will surely allow Morbius to be a success in theaters, the film directed by daniel espinosa therefore, it will most likely not have a critical hit. The Vampire Camped By Jared Leto it looks like it’s about to hit a wall, judging by rabid fans on Twitter. We have grouped several representative tweets of a very varied general opinion, even angry.

Morbius: photo, Jared LetoThe editor of Écran Large who is waiting for the end of the embargo to give his opinion

“Well, Morbius sucks as much as you think. A 2005 story that collides with visually confusing CGI to create boring stuff. But don’t worry, they saved the worst for last, with the worst post-credits scenes you’ve EVER seen, Sony He has lost his mind.” sat astley

“Morbius proves that no matter how many headlines or flashy images, Sony will always find a way to misunderstand the basics of storytelling in an impressive way.” escape film club

“Well, Morbius is sadly no good (sloppy visuals and very 2000s plot) and definitely not as fun as Venom. I’m very confused about the future of Sony’s Spider-Verse compared to later scenes. – Credits and editing. Anyway, Matt Smith seems to be having a good time!” Nicola Austin, We have a Hulk

Morbius : Photo Jared LetoJared Leto showing his teeth in the face of criticism

“In Morbius, Matt Smith frames it beautifully and Oliver Wood brings visual interest to the action scenes. Other than that, the shoddy plotting and botched special effects, the muddled editing and the worst sound mixing all do an incoherent job at will. But the post-credits scenes make it even worse.” Ren Geekness – Wolf of Geek Street

“Morbius walks the tightrope between gothic vampiric melodrama and comic book fantasy. Jared Leto plays Michael Morbius like no one else could. The pacing is fast and it packs some great visuals.” Neil Vagg – Getyourcomicon

Morbius: photo, Jared LetoAnd no, showing off your muscles doesn’t always work (but often anyway).

Judging by its good reviews, the movie is clearly not good. Some netizens even went so far as to say that everything was wrong, from the plot to the visual through the editing and even the sound mix. If you didn’t get it, there are two post-credits scenes and they are apparently very disappointing.

Despite everything, some opinions are quite positive, even delighted, but they are far from representing the majority of critics. to discover Morbiusyou will have to wait until March 30, 2022 and to read our review, whichwe can’t wait to share with you, we’ll have to wait until the day before (do you think you’re ready?). If the movie is really in line with the symbiote, you can read our angry critic of Poisonjust wait and give you an idea of ​​what Sony has in store for us.


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