“Star Academy”: Eloi stays at the Academy


Despite her absence from the variety stage of “Star Academy” on Sunday night, Eloi Cumming was saved by the votes of the public, before Sarah-Maude was protected by the teachers. This verdict closed a cheerful, colorful variety full of great performances.

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The Academicians had the opportunity to share the stage with the huge Robert Charlebois, in top form. They covered some of their most beautiful songs, such as “Tenderness and friendship”, “Lindberg”, “Las alas de un angel”, or some great hits such as “I love you like a crazy person”, “Between two joints” and “the wall of the sound”. The five academics succeeded each other in duet with Charlebois, much to his delight.


Sarah-Maude opened the dangers with a flawless performance on the song “Laisse-moi t’aimer” by Mike Brant. “She reminded me of the great voices of the ’60s,” said Gregory Charles, before giving it a score of 10/10.

It was live from Waterloo Academy that Eloi Cummings had to sing to defend her place. She had also received a clothing kit from the stylists, as well as a makeup bag that she was able to use thanks to a tutorial. With her usual intensity, she magnificently performed “Double Life” by Richard Seguin. Marc Dupré first praised her performance in these circumstances.

“Eloi, my little cat, exclaimed Guylaine Tremblay. You have an indefinable charm. Tonight, you showed that you are capable of putting your heart to work. Well done!

For his fourth danger, Jérémy Plante wanted to have fun by choosing a song that he knew well and would have fun with. Instead of “Allumer le feu”, the song initially selected, he performed “Somebody Like You”, by Keith Urban, accompanied by his guitar. He really set the stage on fire. “An artist, when he follows his instinct, it is difficult for him to make a mistake”, explained Lara Fabián. You delivered a great performance, congratulations Jérémy.”


To call in spring and warmth, the academics created a sultry Latin mix. Julien opened the number with “Besame Mucho”, before Camélia took up “Havana”. We also heard “Tico Tico”, “Bamboleo”, “Suavemente”, but it was really Jérémy who stood out in “Despacito”. As a finishing touch, Antoine Gratton, musical director of Variété, made a surprise appearance on “La Bamba”. He replaced short-term singer Mika, who was going to participate in this number, but had to cancel due to medical reasons.

Displaced candidates

On the occasion of the release of the album “Star Académie 2022”, all the dismissed academics returned to the Variété stage to deliver some excerpts from their songs.

Mathieu Rheault first stood out with “Femme Like U”. Audrey-Louise Beauséjour delivered a magnificent excerpt from “De rêve en rêverie (Evergreen)”, while Édouard Lagacé was moved by “Fais-moi une place”. Yannick Bissonnette Powell surprised with the piece “I still think of you”.

At the end of the edition, the Academicians received a plaque highlighting the 25,000 copies sold of their album. Anne Vivien, Quebecor’s Executive Vice President of Music, also announced that the season’s two finalists will be on tour starting in March 2023.

australian visit

Three years after giving his best show in Montreal, Dean Lewis is happy to come and share his music with academics, whom he holds dear. Édouard Lagacé has agreed to replace Olivier, who was going to sing “Be Alright” with the Australian star. Krystel sang “Hal a Man”, and Julien was able to provide vocals on “Hurtless”.

At the end of a very diverse gala in musical styles, the public chose to save Eloi Cummings. Live from the Academy, the young Madelinot could not believe it. “Thanks to the public, she exclaimed. It’s great fun to get encouragement from the public despite the circumstances. Guylaine Tremblay, Gregory Charles and Lara Fabian chose to protect Sarah-Maude Desgagné.

Advice from Robert Charlebois

In great form, Robert Charlebois was delighted with the time he was able to spend with the academics. “It rejuvenates me in a way,” he explained in an interview behind the scenes of the show. Young people like the things I wrote when I was 25 years old, and those who have always followed me have access to other genres of songs. But the real strength of my youth is precisely being surrounded by young people. This is where the energy, strength and purity is.”

The singer would have had many things to tell academics. “They don’t know that when they leave here, the real school begins. Even me, I still learn things by coming here. But you must not imagine that you already know something when you leave here, but it will be a wonderful tool if you know how to use it.

But if there is only one piece of advice to keep in mind, it is to know how to surround yourself well. “Be careful with the people you meet, because all life is based on encounters. At the same time, there is something that cannot be learned, it is charisma. You either have it or you don’t, but there is no school to learn it.”

Live from the Academy

The Variety set remained connected to the Waterloo mansion where the two academics, Eloi and Olivier, were in isolation after testing positive for Covid-19. Eloi broke the news of her at the beginning of the show. “It’s going well,” she announced from the classroom set up for the occasion. I have a bit of a cough that came out of nowhere, but I feel ready for my performance. Even though he was alone in the room, she later found the energy to put on a very good performance.

Marc Dupré also spoke with Olivier, in isolation in a room at the Academy where he was watching Variety on television. Fit, however, he explained that not being on set reminded him how much he wanted to do this job in life and that he missed it.

continue the adventure

  • Olivier Bergeron, 20 years old, Kedgwick (North-B.)
  • Julien Charbonneau, 23 years old, Montreal
  • Krystel Mongeau, 25, Sherbrooke
  • Camelia Zaki, 17, Sherbrooke

saved by the public

  • Eloi Cummings, 16, Magdalena Islands

saved by teachers

  • Sarah-Maude Desgagne, 23, Amos

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