“Star Académie”: Olivier, saved by the public


The Stromae craze swept through Mels’ studio on Sunday night during Variety’s “Star Académie,” thanks to a number that was as festive as it was unifying. Despite voice problems, Olivier Bergeron was again chosen by the public, while the teachers decided to protect Julien Charbonneau.

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Stromae’s appearance on the set of “Star Académie” could not leave anyone indifferent, and the Belgian star lived up to the hype. Between new songs and must-see hits, she has shown great generosity, giving the Academics all the space in her songs. They had been waiting for this moment for a long time and it seems to have had a liberating effect on them.


On the advice of Gregory Charles, Julien Charbonneau had opted for “I love you”, by Lara Fabian, to try to keep his place. If he has the vocal power to do this great song justice, he added a few flourishes that didn’t always have the best effect. “You have immense talent,” Marc Dupré told him, before giving the floor to Lara Fabian. “It’s so moving to live in this moment,” he explained.

Édouard Lagacé wanted to send a message to his girlfriend by singing “Tonight love is in your eyes” to defend himself. Accompanied by his guitar, he immersed himself deeply in his performance, through which we could feel all the emotion from him. “You are so rich and so deep, analyzed Guylaine Tremblay. When you open the doors, nothing can stop you. You are a beautiful artist, I love you very much.

Despite the discomfort in his vocal cords, Olivier Bergeron wanted to give it his all in his interpretation of “Mon ange”, by Éric Lapointe. Alone accompanied by a piano, he defended himself with the intensity that we know him, showing himself completely vulnerable. “You are lucky because you have something that cannot be bought and that we cannot teach you, what comes out of you is so true”, congratulated Gregory Charles.

go back to the origins

Guest artistic director Serge Denoncourt immersed the Academics in post-war Paris, with a repertoire of essential French songs. The number opened with “There is no more later”, solidly interpreted by Éloi, while the images were in black and white.

“Don’t leave me”, “Undress me”, “The crowd” or even “I’m going to love you” were part of the repertoire chosen by the artistic director. “They made me cry when it never happens to me,” Denoncourt said at the end of the number. I chose these songs because these young people don’t know where they come from.

We also learned that the “Star Académie 2022” album will be officially released next Thursday, March 31. The entire cohort will present excerpts from this album during the next Variété.

special request

During the week, Marc Dupré surprised Geneviève Beauchesne at her residence with the desire to pay tribute to her son William, diagnosed with ASD at the age of two. Together they went to the auditorium of her son’s high school, where she performed, in the company of the evicted academics, the song “Comme tout le monde” by 2 Frères.

The academics then took over and continued the song on set, before the surprise arrival of 2 Brothers, who came to surprise Geneviève and William.


The presence of the German duo Milky Chance obviously pleased the academics who were able to share the stage with a group that most adore. In particular, they were able to cover “Stolen Dance”, “Colorado” or even “Synchronize”.


For the second time, the public has chosen to keep Olivier Bergeron at the Academy. “I’m doing this for you,” he exclaimed spontaneously. Thank you very much.” The choice of teachers was announced by Guylaine Tremblay. “It is getting more and more difficult, because we have two exceptional singers,” he said. The faculty has chosen to protect who, tonight, responded to the order and approached to us, that is, to Julien.

stroma party

Ten years after his time at the “Star Académie”, Stromae returned for a wild number. The opening of the Academics in harmony on “Formidable” kicked off the festivities with intensity. We then find the singer in a monochromatic living room where he performed “Hell” with Edouard and Julien, as well as a women’s choir. Sarah-Maude and Camélia then distinguished themselves by sharing the song “Santé”. Stromae made a mistake in his words that unsettled Sarah-Maude, but the pleasure was evident, both on the part of the academics and the excited studio audience. The end of “Alors on danse” was hypervitaminized with academics whose pleasure and happiness shone through the screen. Even Olivier and Eloi swayed their hips like crazy. Great happiness to all!

Stromae will perform at the Videotron Center in Quebec City on December 11 and additionally at the Bell Center in Montreal on December 14.

quirky retro

In an atmosphere reminiscent of post-war Paris, both in the sets and in the costumes, Serge Denoncourt, guest artistic director, wanted the Academicians to reconnect with the great French songs that populate our collective unconscious. The musicians settled near the Academics, while Marc Dupré played the role of bartender. We will especially remember Sarah-Maude’s magnificent performance in “The Crowd” by Edith Piaf, which was mixed with “La valse à mille temps” by Jacques Brel, performed by Édouard. The two ended up in a magnificent duet. Eloi was also exceptional in Boris Vian’s “Mr le Président”. A song that has taken on an even more serious meaning due to the ongoing war in Ukraine. A masterful number, which will remain among the best of the season.

continue the adventure

  • Eloi Cummings, 16, Magdalena Islands
  • Sarah-Maude Desgagne, 23, Amos
  • Krystel Mongeau, 25, Sherbrooke
  • Jeremy Plante, 25, Levis
  • Camelia Zaki, 17, Sherbrooke

saved by the public

  • Olivier Bergeron, 20, Kedgwick (North-B)

saved by teachers

  • Julien Charbonneau, 23 years old, Montreal

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