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The war of the Sunday night talk shows will not take place on the Quebec airwaves this spring. TVA has postponed until September the broadcast of the new debate program that Stéphan Bureau is plotting with the greatest secrecy.

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The official reason for moving? Still hazy. I was told that the quality of the two pilots, which were filmed last week at the TVA studios, would not have influenced the decision. Production schedule too tight, insufficient budgets, decoration to improve and changes in the concept, all these hypotheses have been raised by sources who have worked on this project called to compete with the great set of Guy A. Lepage on Radio-Canada. .

Contacted on Sunday, Stéphan Bureau preferred not to comment. TVA Group did not respond to requests for information about the alternative to everybody talks about it which has been developing for several weeks.

According to the initial plan, Stéphan Bureau would have gone on the air in two weeks, on Sundays at 9:00 p.m., immediately after star academy.

The details reported by my spies, now. The set that Stéphan Bureau will heat next fall on TVA is called Sit down !. The concept is similar to talk shows that French viewers love, such as we are not in bedby Laurent Ruquier.

In a test episode ofSit down ! which was recorded on Tuesday, two commentators supported Stéphan Bureau: Benoit Dutrizac and Isabelle Maréchal. Mariana Mazza was the main guest of this one-hour program. She had no audience in the studio.

The concept ofSit down ! allows the guest to kick out one of the two panelists surrounding Stéphan Bureau. Mariana Mazza would have fired Benoit Dutrizac, from QUB radio, who was replaced by Sophie Durocher, also headliner of Quebecor Media.

Tempers flared on set when the subject of Eric Lapointe was brought up. Mariana Mazza tattooed the rock singer’s face on her right thigh. The comedian had the drawing altered after the arrest and admission of guilt that Éric Lapointe recorded in an assault file. For her part, Sophie Durocher usually writes in The Montreal Journal against the culture of exile and for the right of Éric Lapointe, 52, to resume his musical career. the interpreter of My angel received an absolute download in October 2020.

End of course, Sit down ! welcomed Pierre Nantel, candidate of the Parti Québécois in the by-elections at the Marie-Victorin equestrian. Pierre Nantel was an NDP MP from 2011 to 2019 and recently hosted a morning show on the QUB radio platform.

Over the past 18 years, TVA has put several variety shows in the hands of everybody talks about it. But this is the first time Quebecor has approached Guy A. Lepage with a public affairs production, which he produces in-house.

the cursed covid

COVID-19 really doesn’t forgive star academy. The virus delayed the launch of the TVA reality show by two weeks in January, and now two contestants have been infected with the cursed variant, forcing them to isolate themselves in the Waterloo mansion, far from MEL’S studios in Saint-Hubert.

Olivier Bergeron, 20, had to give up the gala on the tenth Sunday, while Eloi Cummings defended his place from a distance by singing in a room at the Academy specially designed for him.

Madelinot, 16, did not seem so affected by the disease. He was very accurate in his refined reinterpretation of the classic Double life, by Richard Séguin. Probably his best performance of the season, earning him the public vote, unsurprisingly. Viewers love Eloi Cummings, who looks like a young Elvis Presley in her fancy clothes.


eloi cummings

Sarah-Maude Desgagné, 23, from Amos, was saved by teachers. her song choice, Let me Love You, by Mike Brant, was strange. This piece did not suit him very much. And Sarah-Maude had trouble with accuracy.

After four dangers, Jérémy Plante, 25, from Lévis, said goodbye to the song Someone like Youby Keith Urban. He made tremendous progress in two and a half months with Gregory, Lara and Guylaine. Jérémy exudes a lot of confidence on stage, much more than Olivier or Eloi, who systematically garner the support of the fans.

At the opening, Robert Charlebois was on fire. At 77 years old, his voice is still as beautiful and round as when he started. Krystel Mongeau, my favorite since she left Audrey-Louise, was amazing in lindberg taking up the portion that Louise Forestier made famous.

The Spanish-speaking number was not the most successful. She was doing a little all-inclusive show on Cayo Santa Maria. On the other hand, Antoine Gratton stole the show in the sneaker replacing the singer Mika, also absent due to illness.

Very long portion to skim the exit of the disc of Star Academy 2022, which allowed Audrey-Louise to feed off the applause of the spectators. Otherwise, almost all of us had forgotten about the presence of Gaëlle and Yannick in the competition.

At the end of the gala, Édouard Lagacé and Krystel Mongeau shone with the Australian singer-songwriter Dean Lewis. Actually, it will be played between Krystel and Camélia on the girls’ side. A wish for Krystel? That she embrace the field side of her covering Isabelle Boulay, Faith Hill, Shania Twain and why not Renée Martel? Our golden cowgirl is her, Krystel.


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