Series Mania 2022: Our 5 Favorites, 3 Discoveries and 2 Festival Disappointments


After an intense week of screenings and meetings by the hundreds, the Series Mania festival in Lille closes its doors this Friday. The opportunity to reveal the fictions that have aroused our curiosity or, on the contrary, have not fulfilled all our expectations.

57 original series, 21 countries represented and 5 different contests: the Series Mania festival, based in Lille since 2018, once again went all out in 2022 to seduce fans of the series from all walks of life. Fictions, most of them in world premiere, which we were able to discover on the spot or comfortably installed at home, through its online platform.

After hours of viewing, here is our review of Series Mania, with our 5 favourites, our 2 disappointments and our 3 festival discoveries.

Our favorites from Series Mania

station eleven

It was one of the most anticipated adaptations of this beginning of the year. Based on the great novel byEmily San Juan Mandel, station eleven exceeds all our expectations. As a “flu” pandemic from China(!) devastates humanity, some survivors try to rebuild in a devastated environment. Terrifying echo of the current world context, the American series records us on the screen from its first sequences.

A true manifesto about the power of culture when all hope is lost, station eleven develops a universe of great beauty, tinged with a soft melancholy. The ensemble features a formidable cast, including notably Mackenzie Davis (Stop and set fire) and surprising young revelation Matilda Lawler.

Unknown distribution in France.


If the superhero comedy hero body I miss you, you should be delighted with the new creation of Simon Astier. This time, he ditches capes and tights for a police uniform, in a seemingly quiet small town. But when two unidentified flying objects collide in the woods, young cop Richard will have to push the boundaries of reality.

Like in hero body, Simon Astier takes on the title role with a mixture of naiveté and perfect skepticism. He shares the bill with a renowned cast, from the Palmashow duo to Florence Loiret-Caille (the office of legends). visitors is a sci-fi series with supposed schoolboy humor, passionately paying homage to all of 80s and 90s pop culture. A comedic hit, sure to please fans of x-files as much as those of Dummies.

Soon in warner tv (available in the Canal+ package).


Pinkie head of an Irish crime family. The pitch alone boded well. The charismatic actor Aidan Gillen, also seen in peakyblinders, was present in Lille to present this heartbreaking and exciting family drama. In Dublin, the Kinsellas, an influential mafia family, embark on a battle against the local drug lord.

relatives remember the great hours of sopranonervously paced and all great actors, including Charlie Cox (Reckless). The series thus takes the clever part of focusing more on the psychology of its characters than on the greenbacks collected thanks to traffic. A forceful series, which addresses both the duel and the complex relationships between brothers.

Unknown distribution in France.


If you are allergic to Jacques Demy and the earthYou should run away right now. On the other hand, if musicals color your life and RnB music makes you vibrate, you’ve come to the right place. Reuss is a musical series with short, punchy and witty episodes. While she just got her high school degree with great fanfare (literally), Hanane experiences a tragedy. She then drags her two best friends, Ambre and Maïssa, on a somewhat dangerous adventure.

Punctuated with catchy beats and upbeat choreography, Reuss it was an immediate success. As modern as it is original, the series adopts a singular adolescent tone, which can end up destabilizing, by mixing musical universes with mischief. The three main actresses of the series, Inès Ouchaaou, Assa Sylla and Charlie Loiselier (SHAME France for these last two), bursts the screen in this solar fiction, which does a world of good.

Soon in France TV Bar.

bond: the art of television – season 3

If the general public already knows the names of several showrunners, from JJ Abrams (lost fringe) to Steven Moffat (doctor who, sherlock), series directors remain more in the shadows. French journalist Charlotte Blum set out to do justice to her work, with the documentary series The art of television.

For this third season he was able to meet directors like Michelle MacLaren (breaking bad) or Martí Noxon (leukocyte). the art of television it is a wonderful immersion behind the scenes of cinema and artistic creation. Optimistic and inspiring.

About OC in the summer of 2022.

our disappointments to the 2022 Mania Series

We own this city

Yes, it may seem surprising to classify a series by the great David Simon (The Wire, Treme) in this category. However, his new creation left us stumped. Written four hands with his usual friend George Pelecanos, We own this city allows the duo to return to Baltimore, twenty years later The wire. Based on the book by journalist Justin Fenton, the miniseries delves into police corruption at the heart of the “Gun Trace Task Force.” Themes dear to the duo of creators, who however fail to develop their story satisfactorily.

The episodes are long, the narration is confusing, the gallery of characters is too dense, even cartoonish… It seems that David Simon has lost some of his previous delicacy, clearly lacking subtlety in the first two episodes. We own this city still benefits from a prestigious cast, Jon Bernthal (The Walking Dead) and Wunmi Mosaku (Loki) in head.

The man who fell to earth

In the near future, a human-like alien lands on Earth, determined to change the course of our existence. Inspired by the novel by Walter Tevis and the 1970s movie with David Bowie, The man who fell to earth tackles the issues of global warming and the frenetic race for technology with great mastery.

But unfortunately, the series is quite difficult to access. loan in turn Twin Peaks: The Return or at the moviesbicentennial man by Chris Columbus, this sci-fi epic strives to captivate. Like the alien, Chiwetel Ejiofor (twelve years a slave) actually boxes. Next to her, Naomie Harris (Miss Moneypenny in the last james link) and Bill Nighty (Pirates of the Caribbean), they deliver very convincing performances, as usual. It’s not a shipwreck, but it’s also not the beautiful fantasy series we were hoping for.

Unknown distribution in France.

our discoveries to the Mania Series


We already told you a few days ago in Numerama: the french series parallel shows that our writers are also talented in CF. Previewed at Series Mania, this Disney+ creation pleasantly surprised us with its dazzling cast and mastered fantasy universe.

Telling the story of four teenagers propelled into unknown dimensions, Quoc Dang Tran’s series (Marianne) approaches the ungrateful age with a lot of love and sensitivity. Without revolutionizing the genre, parallel has a favorite place in the French serial scene.

I am not a robot

At an online content moderation company, naïve Marie-Chantal loses her footing as she is bombarded with violent content around the clock. Played by the disturbing Geneviève Schmidt, this child character begins a descent into hell, all the more disturbing as it also marks the end of her innocence.

The Quebec webseries, with six chilling episodes, forcefully denounces the precariousness of the job of moderator and its indelible psychological consequences. I am not a robot is a disturbing and radical fiction, about the excesses of new technologies and the effects of an increasingly horrifying capitalist society.

Unknown distribution in France.


Presented as part of Comedy Night at Series Mania, alongside visitors, Sunset it is clearly the discovery of selection. Those who laugh in front The heart has its reasons.tasty Quebecois parody of soap operas, you must find your account in front of Sunset. This Portuguese series features the wealthy Bourbon family of Linhaca and their famous estate of Pôr do Sol, whose small existence is turned upside down by multiple tragedies.

Passion, mysteries, betrayal… All the ingredients of TV soaps (Latin American romances of rose water) come together, to be perfectly caricatured. With his biting humor and his permanent exaggerations, Sunset captivated by his boundless creativity. The giggles are linked to unlikely situations and the performance of the actors, voluntarily excessive. The credits will be painfully in your head, but I promise you it’s worth it.

Unknown distribution in France.

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