Neither Pixar nor Disney: 5 animated films for young and old that they will (re)discover on Disney+


Premiering yesterday on Disney+, the brand new episode of Ice Age reminds us that animated film is not limited to Disney and Pixar productions. For this reason, we have immersed ourselves in the Disney + catalog to find you 5 lesser-known animated films to watch without further ado.

As soon as we talk about animated films, two names systematically appear on the table: Disney and Pixar. It must be said that the studios are at the origin of some of the greatest successes in animated cinema of the last 30 years.

Just look at the success ofCharm or very recent Red alert To be convinced. This hegemony would almost make you forget that animated cinema is not limited to these giants. It is actually made up of a myriad of studios and creators who offer original works in many ways.

Because animated film is above all a multitude of different techniques. From traditional animation to stop motion rotoscoping, each process allows you to explore new artistic and creative avenues and offer a unique vision.

this wealth naturally finds its way into the Disney+ catalog. Here is a selection of animated movies available on Disney+, which are not from the Disney or Pixar repertoire. The opportunity to also discuss the release of the new episode of Ice Age: The Adventures of Buck Wilde.

The ice age : an emblematic saga of animated cinema

With The ice age, the Blue Sky studio has made a sensational entry into the world of animation. A success that is far from obvious at first glance, as the studio had previously only produced a few short films and was best known for its work in the field of special effects, particularly for Fox (Titan AE, Fight Club or aliens, resurrection). In order to make his first film, Blue Sky had to overcome many challenges, the main one being to realistically animate the different animals that make up the cast.

So many challenges that are not felt at all in the film, with smooth and tidy animation, critically acclaimed. But it is above all thanks to its setting that theice Agehit the spirits. Subtle balance between epic adventure, emotion and humor, the adventure offered by this film moves children and adults, making it a quintessential family film.

To spoil anything the Disney+ catalog it also houses the rest of the episodes of the saga, which will allow you to follow the full adventures of Manny, Sid, Diego and Scrat. Many other Blue Sky movies are also in the game, such as River, Horton, Epic Where snoopy and the peanuts.

discover today The Adventures of Buck Wildnew episode of ice age

six years later the laws of the universethe franchise The ice age welcome to a new episode. Available today on Disney+, this sixth film in the series ditches the usual trio (Many, Sid, and Diego) to focus on possum brothers Crash and Eddie. Determined to find a place to live, away from their adoptive mother’s bosom, the two brothers are drawn despite themselves into the underworld. A place full of dangers already seen in the third episode, and populated by warlike dinosaurs. Saved by Buck Wild, the weasel with a fake pirate air, they will not only have to save their skin, but also the world by fighting against a mysterious new adversary.

the simpsons movie : 87 minutes of pure laughter

18 years is the number of years it took to discover The Simpsons on the big screen, with a feature film called simply the simpsons movie. Considering various leads over the years (a Simpsons Gravy Fantasia or a live-action movie about Troy McClure, for example), Groening and his team ultimately zeroed in on a simple story, driven by the traditional animation. It was after reading a news story recounting the misadventures of a town forced to dump pig excrement into the water supply that Groening laid the groundwork for what would become the first film. simpsons.

Once again, it is Homer and his legendary sloth that serves as the catalyst for this adventure. Responsible for an ecological disaster that is worth for Springfield to be locked under a glass bell by the Environmental Protection Agency, the Simpsons will have to flee to Alaska to escape mob justice. A journey that will push Homer to question his vision of the world and his relationship with others. Chaining the gags at high speed, glazed by the presence of numerous guests (we will appreciate the Green Day cameo) and benefiting from a careful traditional animation, the simpsons movie it is a frank success that perfectly transcribes the pleasure that one can have in front of a classic episode of the series.

fantastic mr fox : animation by Wes Anderson

While many Roald Dahl novels have been adapted over the years, few have been adapted with as much class as fantastic master fox. The reason ? The project was entrusted to Wes Anderson, a very successful director (The Tenenbaum family, Aboard the Darjeeling Limited, aquatic life), and here signs his first foray into the world of animation with fantastic mr fox. Free adaptation of the story created by Roald Dahl, this fantastic mr fox gives us a modern story that accurately addresses the theme of family, difference, acceptance of the other and, above all, the strength of the collective.

Printed with Anderson’s signature touch (obsession with symmetry, choice of pastel colors, etc.), starring an ensemble cast of Anderson’s favorite actors (Bill Murray, Owen Wilson, Jason Schwartzman), this film can also count on amazing stop motion animation. And if you want to delve into the aesthetics of Wes Anderson, his second animated film, isle of dogsis also available on Disney+.

Jack and the mechanics of the heart : immerse yourself in the dreamlike universe of Dionysus

If Mathias Malzieu is mainly known for his career as an author, composer and performer within the Dionysos group, his talent does not end there. Author of several books, he also dabbled in animation with Jack and the mechanics of the heart, which he wrote and co-directed. Adapting both the Dionysus book and album. The mechanics of the heart, This film is presented as an animated musical comedy that puts Malzieu’s dreamlike universe into an image.

We discover the story of Jack, a boy born on the coldest day of the year and whose heart is therefore very logically frozen. However, he is saved by Dr. Madeleine, who replaces his defective organ with a magic watch and imposes three conditions on him, necessary for his survival: do not touch needles, control his anger and, above all, never fall in love. His encounter with Miss Acacia will turn his world upside down and begin an adventure that will change him forever. Starring a three-star cast (Jean Rochefort, Olivia Ruiz, Arthur H and Malzieu himself), permeated by the songs of Dionysos, this original and moving film is a real hit that we can’t help but recommend.

awake life : between technical experimentation and philosophy

awake life is without a doubt the UFO of this selection and of the world of animation in general. Written and directed by Richard Linklater (Lazy, rock academy), inspired by the George Santayana quote “The waking state is controlled sleep.”, this movie is amazing in more ways than one. Technically to begin with, since it uses the technique of rotoscopy to offer amazing images. As a reminder, this technique consists of filming the actors in real shots with a digital camera, before digitally retouching them to completely alter them. Linklater will use this technique again to get a dark scanner.

But it is also because of his words that awake life surprises We follow the tribulations of a young man in a lucid dream state who wonders about his inability to wake up and his possible death. A problem that he will try to solve through a series of philosophical conversations that will deal with messy reality, free will, the meaning of life, existentialism, post-humanity or André Bazin’s film theory (just that). Filmic object that beautifully transcribes the versatility of Linklater’s cinema, awake life it was critically acclaimed and won the CinemAvvenir award at the Venice Film Festival, among others.

This film, and all the feature films in our selection and available in the Disney+ catalog. The subscription is available at the price of 8.99 euros per month, or 89.90 euros per year.

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