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Quebec Series audrey came back and one boy one girl they are doing well this week in Cannes.

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Marc-Andre Lemieux

Marc-Andre Lemieux

Retained in official competition at 5me Canneseries, a festival supported by MIPTV, which brings together productions from around the world, dramatic comedy audrey came back has been arousing critical enthusiasm since it was screened at the Grand Auditorium of the Palais des Festivals on Monday morning.

In a phone interview from Cannes, Guillaume Lambert, who co-wrote the series with Florence Longpré, seems stunned by the adventure, especially since it comes after two long years of the pandemic.


the authors ofaudrey came backGuillaume Lambert and Florence Longpré, with director Guillaume Lonergan, on the occasion of the Canneseries Festival in Cannes, France

“It’s very moving to my little boy’s heart,” says the author and actor.

The French press especially welcomes the offer from director Guillaume Lonergan (Can you hear me ?). The work is one of the “favorites” of Tele-Leisure. The specialized publication salutes his “delicate writing”, his “wonderful staging” and his “subtly dosed humor”. According to madmoi cell, audrey came back “Enchanted the festival”. “Moving and impetuous, it manages, through a still simple scenario, to transmit a rare range of emotions,” underlines the electronic medium.


Florence Longpré in the series audrey came back

On the American side Variety it’s just as flattering. The renowned magazine speaks of an “intelligent and sincere” drama, and indicates that it allows Florence Longpré to complete a hat-trick, after the selection of the raspberry time at 72me Berlin International Film Festival, as well as Series Mania in France earlier this winter. This miniseries directed by Philippe Falardeau, signed by Florence Longpré with Suzie Bouchard, will land on Club illico on April 14.

released last fall audrey came back also comes from Club illico. This Pixcom production (Failure, black lake) paints the portrait of a woman who comes out of a coma after 15 long years. It also stars Josée Deschênes and Denis Bouchard.

“A beautiful consecration”

Arriving in Cannes on Thursday, Florence Longpré and Guillaume Lambert have multiplied the interviews in recent days. Shortly before our call, the tandem met the hollywood reporter.

It is a beautiful consecration, a beautiful validation. Florence and I wanted normal people to talk. We take risks mixing drama, comedy, realism and fantasy. We did well to follow our hearts.

William Lambert

The co-writer also confirms reports that the audience in the Grand Auditorium warmly applauded the series earlier this week.


The team ofaudrey came back walked the pink carpet at the Canneseries festival on Monday.

“Later a lady came to see us to tell us that she had a son who had come out of a very affected coma. She said to put words and pictures to something that she had been feeling for five years. It’s extraordinary. It is when you meet the public that you realize thataudrey it carries a universal message even if the action takes place in Sorel-Tracy. »

The Quebec Series Complete baccalaureateCreated by Rosalie Vaillancourt and Pierre-Yves Roy-Desmarais, it is also participating in the competitive section of the Canneseries, but under the short format tab.

The closing ceremony will take place on Wednesday, and everything indicates thataudrey came back there he could win a prize, a possibility that Guillaume Lambert (almost) does not dare to imagine.

“Enough already ride. It is an unexpected welcome. I prefer to continue living this experience naively, without thinking too much about the rewards… But why not dream? »

one boy one girl in Slovakia

indignant audrey came backanother series from Quebec thrills the Croisette: One boy one girl. The comedy created by Guy A. Lepage continues to conquer new territories despite its 25 years. It will be adapted in Slovakia.

The agreement was signed on Tuesday at MIPTV in Cannes, this important annual market for television programs. this is a 30me adaptation.

This international success continues to amaze Guy A. Lepage. Contacted by phone, the author, host and producer recalls the modest ambitions he had for the show before it aired.

At first, we weren’t even sure it was to catch off Plateau Mont-Royal! i had a good feeling that the show would be well done, but if someone had told me that it would go around the world, I would never have believed it.

Guy A Lepage

Qualification Thomas and Diane, the Slovak version will consist of 26 episodes of 22 minutes. Filming will begin next summer in Slovakia. The series will then air on TV JOJ, a private general interest channel.

Erika Tóthová, director of acquisitions at Slovenská Produkčná, the production company responsible for the adaptation, recognized herself in the story brought to Quebec by Guy A. Lepage and Sylvie Léonard, says Monic Lamoureux, co-president of Distributions Avanti Ciné Video, the Quebec company in charge of exporting the popular format.

“Life as a couple is universal and timeless,” he said.

without calm

This signature arrives a few weeks before the 25me birthdayone boy one girl. The sketch comedy aired on Radio-Canada on 1is May 1997.

Slovakia joins the list of countries that have adapted one boy one girl. This list includes Spain, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Sweden, Italy, Greece and, of course, France.


scene ofone boy one girl

« one boy one girl it remains the world’s most suitable scripted fiction format, insists Monic Lamoureux. For 25 years, it has been constant. We were never calm. There is always interest. »

“I still can’t believe it,” adds Guy A. Lepage. I am super happy and above all very proud. »

Furthermore, Guy A. Lepage is delighted with the success achieved by audrey came backa series that, according to him, “doesn’t look like any other”.


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