Karl Walcott moved to develop his international career


Karl Walcott has just moved to Vancouver to develop his English-speaking and international career. The actor intends to make the diversity of Quebec shine everywhere on the planet…

His recent move to Big Brother Celebrities, in Noovo, it was noticed: he saved two people in danger… and that’s why the boss of the week, the footballer Marc-Antoine Dequoy, wanted to see him go! Comedian Karl Walcott received a huge wave of sympathy from the public. “I have received many messages of love and I thank people for that.” He found the adventure intense. “It’s like a merry-go-round of emotions. Psychologically, he was burnt out, he admits. And I missed my dog.”

10 years ago, the actor tried to be selected for double occupancy. “When I was 21, there was a season that made me want to play the game. It was the year with Jimmy, the dancer from 281. I thought it was funny that no one knew he was a dancer.” It was the only season he watched and it made him want to be a part of the adventure. “He wasn’t an actor yet, but he knew I would feel comfortable in front of the cameras. I’ve always wanted to be an actor.”

Two months later, his agent sent him to audition for the web series. rams. He got one of the main roles, a football player in a college league. It was released on Tou.tv in 2013. “For the audition, I went to ask Gildor Roy, who lived down the street, for advice. He helped me. He auditioned well and got a role. And the coach of the soccer team was given to Gildor Roy!”

During his young career, Karl has starred in more than one sports play on screen: throw and count, senior junior, men’s morning… “Being an athlete in life has been an advantage for me, in addition to being an actor of diversity, he points out in passing. I was born doing sports. I grew up in it: my brothers, my father, all the members of my family are athletes. He mainly played hockey, but also soccer, baseball… Mainly team sports. So when I had the opportunity to audition for sports characters, I combined the useful with the pleasant.

we saw it in 30 lives, the fall of sparta, Survival, horror 404, The cottage, Brain, Lifetime, District 31… And soon he will be in the first series directed by Xavier Dolan, The night Laurier Gaudreault woke up. “Xavier was patient and generous on set!”

The young man participated in Anglo-Canadian and American productions. He had the opportunity to participate in the filming of the film. X-Men: Apocalypsepremiered in 2016. And we saw it in the CBC English Canadian series about sex in 2020. Most recently, he toured in the American production moon fall, by Roland Emmerich, starring Halle Berry and Patrick Wilson. “I was able to work with Roland Emmerich. I had a 15 hour day with him. I liked the way you do it. Everything was clear, Karl points out. An international career is a dream that I have not yet realized. I just moved to Vancouver to seriously pursue this goal. (he has been there since March 1). I will go back and forth to Quebec for professional projects.” She even has an agent in Vancouver to look after her career in English Canada and the United States. It was the latter who encouraged him to settle on English-speaking soil. Karl participates in auditions there.

In 2016 he was already preparing for this great leap. She went to New York for three months to study acting at the prestigious Lee Strasberg Institute of Theater and Film. “Just finished a season of Chalet, and I wanted to have more tools,” he explains. She lived in an apartment that he shared with others. It wasn’t fancy and it cost a fortune, but I was still able to concentrate, study and meet good people. What I remember from this experience are the encounters.”

Now you are ready to conquer the world. “Today, my goal is to promote Quebec’s diversity internationally.”

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