For Michel Drucker the end is near according to his wife!


Fortunately, in this ordeal, Michel Drucker was able to count on the support of his family, Dany Saval, with whom he has been married for more than 46 years.

Michel Drucker: We are getting married next year for more than 50 years, this is behind the scenes of the feat in our profession. She, believe me, is someone, she is concrete. Luckily she is here. The pillar of the family is Dany Saval, she announced without flinching.

The latter was illustrated by a surprising question when leaving the operating room of Michael Drucker.

Sick Michael Drucker

The first thing he asked me, because we hadn’t seen each other for a long time, I didn’t have the right to many visits due to covid, was: ‘so you saw the almost dead, trusted Michael Drucker in his new book.

But I’m in a good mood. In fact, I’m doing pretty well for someone who avoided a catastrophe. I thought that it had serious consequences after such an important operation. I thought I would end my life in slow motion and never do my job again, she announced.

Before continuing: This summer, in Provence, I was very tired, I had a fever every day. worried me At the end of August, Professor Alain Hagege, head of the cardiology Georges-Pompidou hospital, and Michel Desnos, his predecessor, brought me back to emergency in Paris.

During blood tests, we immediately saw that there was an infectious focus, coming from the mouth after dental treatment. The bacteria, apparently not too serious, infected the heart and caused sepsis. A period that I have kept secret.

I had nightmares about it. Then they examined me to see if I was fit. And then the surgeons found out I had to have a triple bypass too!

pissed me off I couldn’t understand it. I have a mode healthy lifestyle, I play sports, I don’t smoke, I don’t drink… That’s why I’m still alive, he concludes.

Michel Drucker begins his 57th season on television: I am totally surprised to still be here.

the returns in the fall for a new season on television, at the age of 78. Guest of the Summer Club on Europe 1, the emblematic host of “Vivement dimanche”, Michael Drucker, spoke about his novelties and his projects for this new year. Between the 40th anniversary of the “Champs-Elysées” program and its new showthe program appears loaded.

Michel Drucker interview.

He has the longest resume in all of French television and in a few days will begin his 57th season on the small screen. Michael Drucker returns with Vivement dimanche, which will resume on Sunday, with the same pleasure.

A guest of the Europe 1 Summer Club, he claims to remain passionate about his work. It’s not an addiction, it’s a passion. I’ve always liked this job, I love the people. So I’m happy and totally surprised to still be here, he said.

The 78-year-old driver explained that he was surprised that people still trusted him after his health problems a year ago.

In fact, he had to have open heart surgery in September 2020. I had to go out very diminished and finally I look at the meter I got off the bike and I just did 35 kilometers. Not bad for an old man, she said with a laugh.

Look in the rearview mirror one last time.

Forty years later, the variety show hosted by Michael Drucker, Champs-Élysées, should even be reborn. It is a time for tribute ceremonies, so why not 2022 bring this 1982 show back to life?

Michael Drucker he pretended to ask the presenter who will not be alone in charge of the show. I don’t want this to be a navel gazing show.

But I will pay tribute to all those who dreamed in front of Gabriel’s studio on Saturday, lulled by the music that is still in all memories, he continued Michael Drucker.

Host Michel Drucker assured him that there will be plenty of surprises on the show.

I would like to meet all of the first generation but also those of the new generation who have dreamed of going down in a limousine on a Saturday afternoon.

And then there are so many files. We’ve done 350 so we’ll take one last look at the mirrordeclared.

And among other novelties of the presenter’s return to school, his second show De vous à Moi, for which he will return to the stage in January with a tour around the France.

Michael Drucker

It’s very different from the first show. we will find two Michael Drucker, the 23-year-old and today, detailed the driver who assures him: he wants to laugh at what happened to him. What I want, is to make happy with sad.


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