Deus Ex Human Revolution: Abandoned Film Adaptation Script Resurfaces!


news culture Deus Ex Human Revolution: Abandoned Film Adaptation Script Resurfaces!

In the year 2000, the Ion Storm studio published one of the most advanced games of its time: Deus Ex. ‘Invisible War’ in 2004.

On the basis of the movie Deus Ex, the Human Revolution episode

After this date, nothing, or almost nothing, and the license appears to have been revoked. But in 2007, Square Enix and Eidos Montreal launched the development of a third opus, which takes place 25 years before the adventures of JC Denton and Warren Spector’s game. Wanting to stay in the vein of the first games, Eidos is putting together an RPG-oriented FPS where the player can act as they see fit.

Deus Ex Human Revolution: Abandoned Film Adaptation Script Resurfaces!

The immersive simulator is back and in 2011, deus ex human revolution was born with the main character Adam Jensen, dubbed in VO by Elijah Toufexis. Child “I never ask for this” will become famous, and we will find him in the skin of the character four years later at the premiere of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Unfortunately, sales in the classic marketing window are not enough and the license is on fileeven if they teased a new episode.

Back to the abandoned adaptation project

Deus Ex Human Revolution: Abandoned Film Adaptation Script Resurfaces!

The case that interests us today takes us back to 2012, a few months after the premiere of Human Revolution. At that time, many leaks indicate that a movie, adapted from the game, was in the works in Hollywood. We soon learned that Scott Derrickson, to whom we owe the first film doctor strange and Sinisterwas to take charge of this adaptation in the company of the writer C. Robert Cargill. Unfortunately, the project quickly took a turn for the worse with Derrickson’s departure, too busy with Doctor Strange, and due to the reluctance of the CBS Films studios. Scott Kinney, development executive for Prime Universe Productions, said USA Today :

I don’t think he really understood the studio’s reasoning at the time. They said Deus Ex wasn’t the kind of movie they wanted to make or didn’t feel comfortable making, that their general strategy was to move from action movies like Dwayne Johnson’s Faster, which they had previously financed, to movies more like The Duff. Of course, Scott Derrickson and C. Robert Cargill left the Doctor Strange project (…).

I’m really, really sad that CBS Films failed on this project because I think Scott would have taken Deus Ex to finally make the first really good film adaptation of a video game. His amazing work on Marvel’s Doctor Strange movie, which should/could have been the Deus Ex movie, implemented a “more than human” theme in a deft way that translated well into an action-adventure movie for audiences. usually. Replace the mysticism of Doctor Strange with the transhumanism theme of Deus Ex, and we felt like we had all the ingredients (…)

A snippet of the published script!

Deus Ex Human Revolution: Abandoned Film Adaptation Script Resurfaces!

We are not going to copy here all the script snippet that was posted on the American site (see link at the bottom of the page), but there are several things to keep in mind. First of all, we find there the main lines of the introduction of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, with some small notable differences. In the game, Adam Jensen is severely damaged by the augmented people who attacked the Sarif Industries labs, and is brought to his feet by his boss, David Sarif, by implanting many technological upgrades.

In the movie, it was planned that, to make the situation even more dramatic, it was Adam who would ask his boss for improvements cybernetics to save Megan, her partner (or ex-partner). Kinney also explains that every part of the script had been sent to the game developers so that they can make comments and propose new ideas:

Every line we wrote to present the script to studio executives was sent to the game developers for comment. Same for the script, we get your notes on every version. Everyone seemed happy with the end result. Everybody. And that is the tragedy.

The iconic scene where Adam drinks a glass of whiskey shirtless while breaking glass was obviously in the game, just like some iconic locations in the game like The Hive nightclub. However, if the plot reveals a movie that could have been rated R, that was not the intention. In 2012, dead Pool hadn’t hit theaters yet, and most studios weren’t he is not interested in the idea of ​​giving a big budget to a film that would be reserved for adults. Regardless, the project was buried and the chances of it ever being put back into production are slim to none.

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