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Who answers when Commander Chiasson (Gildor Roy) pulls the magic phone out of its drawer in District 31 ? Secret agents. Fearsome spies who fool the most vigilant investigators.

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It is in this mysterious and fast-paced universe that the new miniseries immerses us classified secret of the AddikTV channel, co-signed by Michel d’Astous and François Pagé. Yes, it is the same François Pagé (Then, caught) who made everyone around him believe that he had died of bone cancer in April 2014. Brief summary of a long story: François Pagé was then suffering from a great depression and took the opportunity to disappear and reset the counters to zero.

It can be said that the fertile imagination of François Pagé was crucial in the elaboration of the complex intrigues of classified secret, which speaks of professional deception and false identities. However, he is amazing.

This police thriller, which premieres on Thursday, March 31 at 9:00 p.m. on the AddikTV channel, is sure to please fans of The Americans, but in a simplified version of colossal budgets. Tokebakicitte, anyway.

Mélissa Désormeaux-Poulin and Patrick Labbé place the pair of secret agents at the center of the story. She, Rachel Miller, heads the Montreal-based anti-terrorism unit. He, Émile Darcy, works as head of recruitment and source management.


Rachel and Émile (Mélissa Désormeaux-Poulin and Patrick Labbé) are a seemingly normal couple. But Émile must investigate a mole in the pay of the Americans…his own wife.

Rachel and Émile have two daughters, Azure and Marine, and lead a seemingly normal life as a couple. except not. The Canadian secret services have been infiltrated by the CIA and the big boss (Andreas Apergis) entrusts Émile Darcy with the mandate to investigate the supposed mole in the pay of the Americans, his own wife, Rachel Miller. Surprise!

Here begins a captivating game of cat and mouse in the context of a terrorist attack. Because a refugee cell would orchestrate an attack in Montreal against a powerful emir of the Persian Gulf.

classified secret It contains the classic ingredients of an espionage series: briefcase exchange in a park, anonymous meeting in a parking lot, surveillance cameras buried in puppies, shootouts in the public square, rescue operation in hostile territory, all of it. Quickly, everyone becomes suspicious and the clues become blurred. It’s downright intriguing.

And it’s good? Yes. The first hour is nebulous, but the authors reframe the plot in the second episode (of a total of ten). Mélissa Désormeaux-Poulin is excellent in her role as Mata Hari, whose true motivations we don’t (yet) know. Loving mother and queen of disguise, what team does she play for? Radio silence.

Fortunately, the agent defended by Patrick Labbé is sympathetic, because we could have confused him with Laurent Cloutier of District 31. He also has a dark side, too perfect, too straight. Something is wrong here.

To pursue classified secret, you have to subscribe to AddikTV and consume the episodes weekly, without the possibility of a television burst. Same situation for wildlife handbook in Plus Series.

After an all-you-can-eat era, broadcasters are returning to more traditional broadcast strategies, which is arousing the patience of fans. Even Disney+, Apple TV+ and Netflix are slowly moving away from block deals and replacing them with episodes spread over several weeks.

No respite for Melanie

There were no long auditions, like in the spring of 2014, to replace Véronique Cloutier and Antoine Bertrand at the head of tv kids.


Mélanie Maynard will join André Robitaille to present tv kids.

André Robitaille’s new accomplice, Mélanie Maynard, was the heart of the entire team when she participated, last January, in the special program dedicated to Guy Jodoin. Funny, lively and spontaneous, it’s this co-host we need, said producer Guy Villeneuve of Fair-Play. And Melanie Maynard got the job.

the recruit of tv kids He situates his humorous presence between the more caustic one of Antoine Bertrand and the more enveloping one of Edith Cochrane. Mélanie Maynard describes herself as “the girlfriend” with whom you can have a lot of fun and reminisce. She recalls that Edith Cochrane had announced to her bosses in December that she was leaving her seat as co-anchor to explore other career paths. She was her choice.

filming of the 13me season tv kids, scheduled for September on Radio-Canada, will debut in May on a completely new stage. Of course, the table with magic lighting for the faces will remain in the center of the table, but in an updated version.

Confirmed guests include Marjo, Pierre Bruneau (who had always refused), Laurence Jalbert, Marie-Chantal Perron, Jean-Michel Anctil, Félix-Antoine Tremblay, Virginie Ranger-Beauregard, Guillaume Lambert, Charles Tisseyre, Jean-René Dufort and Isabelle Brouillette.

Two names appear on the list of those who still refuse to allow André Robitaille to dig into their television archives: Jean Leloup and Marc Dupré. Contacted on Wednesday, Marc Dupré told me that it was a “timing problem”. “I do a lot of television, so I try to give my face a break. It’s just that. I love the show,” he told me.

The vast majority of guests tv kids they willingly lend themselves to this sometimes difficult exercise for the ego. In fact, only one actress requested that the production remove excerpts from the final cut: Angèle Coutu.

The popularity of tv kids remains in listening polls. at 12me season on the air, the show still attracts 854,000 couch potatoes and the competition on other channels has never ended.


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