At the same time, Kervern and Delépine’s comedy with Vincent Macaigne: review and trailer


By Laura B. Posted on April 3, 2022 at 7:59 PM

Vincent Macaigne and Jonathan Cohen share the poster for “At the same time”, the new comedy by Gustave Kervern and Benoît Delépine. In this film, which opens in theaters on April 6, 2022, there is also Thomas VDB, Doully or even François Damiens. A nugget of irreverent humor that scratches politics, while transmitting a feminist message.

Then Delete historywith Blanche Gardin, released in the summer of 2020, kervern and Delepina deliver your new film. The comedy At the same time goes out to movies the 6 April 2022.

At the same time is he tenth feature film what does the duo do Gustavo Kervern and benoit delepineafter in particular Saint Amour, the big night or mammoth.

in this news comedythe directors driver Vincent Macaigne (highly noted last year in the origin of the world and night doctor) and jonathan cohen (Terrible Jungle, The flame…). indian hair (jaws, A young girl that’s alright, fish sex with Gustavo Kervern…), Jenny Beth (Olympics, kaamelott part one), humorists dolly (here anime Greenland The Zapoi where we also officiate Kervern and Delepine) and VDB sockets Yolanda Moreau (The Deschiens), Francois Damian, Anna Mouglalis and laetitia dosch (they are alive and soon in Irreducible) complete the distribution of At the same time.

Synopsis :

On the eve of the vote to approve the construction of a leisure park instead of a primary forest, a mayor (jonathan cohen) from the uninhibited right tries to corrupt his ecologist colleague (Vincent Macaigne). But they are tricked by a group of young feminist activists who manage to unite them (in the literal sense of the word). Then a crazy night begins for the two men, united against their will.

the teaser :

Our review :

as with Delete history two years ago, Kervern and Delepinwe inspire you in our company, for your new film, At the same timeto report their faults. In this comedythe duo of directors mocks, this time, the Politicsfrom all sides, which is quite timely in this electoral period, and, a little, feminist activism.

And as usual, the two filmmakers were able to coax beautiful people into their film. Vincent Macaigne (very convincing in this very different role from the one he had in night doctor) and jonathan cohen (who we love to hate in this upstart role) rub shoulders with dolly, Yolanda Moreau, Gustavo Kervern and benoit delepinethat small papers were given, charlotte creex or Anna Mouglalis.

At the same timehas two mayors, Didier Bequet (jonathan cohen) from the far center and ecological Pascal Molitor (Vincent Macaigne) as well as the colle-girls, a group of feminist activists.

As usualKervern and Delepine deliver a film athumor completely irreverent and totally twisted, with still shots, almost never framed in a conventional way (a character filmed behind a pole that hides his head, the protagonist’s face sometimes blurred, a frame at the announcer’s feet). There is only Kervern and Delepine have the idea and the audacity to Pastein the proper sense of the term, two actors.

Absolutely everything in this filmIt is an excuse to laugh, from the characters to the situations: Yolanda Moreau as mother lady patron of the bar hostess “the IMF“where the only karaoke lyrics are hebe hebe” ; VDB sockets who plays a hairdresser who teaches quadrupeds to conceited mayors; Francois Damian playing the average homophobic American and bull riding the mayors; the police singing drunk driving prevention; 3 men on motocross, reminiscent of the movie poster mammothby Kervern & Delépine, with Depardieu… Every scene, or almost, provokes laughter, as do the dialogues that contain some nuggets (“Ramadan is like Fashion Week, it feels like it’s all the time“, “Down with the bastards, fuck the patriarchy“).

But, behind this pastiche, the directors slip a feminist message because the Colle-girls, who struggle with inclusive discourse have real grievances.

In which theaters near me is the film showing? At the same time ?


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