10 Easter Eggs You Didn’t Notice In The Pixar Movie


Like all animated films from Disney and Pixar studios, Red alert it is full of funny little references and winks aimed at the most attentive viewers. Proof with these 10 easter eggs that got into the movie.

A reference Twilight inside Red alert


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Melancholic and aloof, Priya seems to be quite a dark and mysterious teenager, the opposite of Meilin’s sunny and high-flying personality. No wonder, then, that she was caught reading ” To become night in the corridors of the school. A novel, whose cover is eerily similar to that of the film Twilight and whose author, “Roberta Moyer” seems to be a small contraction between Robert Pattinson and Stephenie Meyer, the novelist behind the vampire saga. It’s also worth noting that the young woman’s first reaction upon discovering Mei as a red panda is to ask her if she’s a werewolf…well, well.

a nod to Coconut and his music


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When Mei swoons over a boy she meets in the hallway at school, we notice that the latter is wearing a velvet T-shirt with the name “Scapula” on it. This is a nod to the movie. Coconutin which the famous rock band Scapula performs on stage during the singing contest in the world of the Ancestors.

The famous room A113 in Red Alert


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Like many Pixar directors, dome shi he wanted to integrate this little Easter egg into his feature film. Thus, it can be found in the crawling cart that Meilin’s father uses to form the ritual circle at the stadium where 4*Town is holding their concert. Thus, A113 refers to a CalArts classroom where some iconic lamp studio animators studied.

the pixar ball


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Again, the star balloon is a recurring element in Pixar’s animated films. Yellow with a red star and a blue line, it always discreetly bursts into the studio’s feature films. Inside Red alerthe can be seen quickly floating in Tyler’s pool, at the time of the young man’s birthday party.

easter egg Lace


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director of the lovable Bag, Domee Shi did not forget to include several nods to Pixar shorts in her film. He tests it out with this little Purl keychain, which hangs on the shelf in Meilin’s office, right next to his Tamagotchi. In 2018, the filmmaker had also lent her voice to one of the characters in Kristen Lester’s short film. Coincidence? Certainly not !

The intrusion of my burrow


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In addition to Lace, there is also a reference to my burrow by Madeline Sharafian, when Mei draws portraits of the convenience store cashier in her notebook. A notebook whose cover is adorned with several stickers, including one that represents the bunny from the Pixar short film.

A little shout out to the Simpsons in Red alert

red alert-detail-statue

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When Meilin greets the two statues that are at the entrance of the temple in the hands of her parents, we notice that she calls them Bart and Lisa. A reference to the characters of simpsons That will not have escaped anyone, of course!

A quick appearance of Nemo


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You really had to be careful to see the little fish from Pixar! In fact, Nemo makes a sneaky appearance during the restroom meeting between Mei, Priya, Miriam and Abby after the disastrous PE class. On one of the bathroom doors, we see a sticker of Marin’s son behind Meilin’s waving arms.

A preview of the cat. buzz the lightning

red alert-detail-chat-buzz-leclair

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Inside Red alert, Domee Shi not only touched on Pixar’s past, but also its future. the fans of toy storythat waits the film buzz the lightning Eagerly, therefore, you have surely noticed the Space Ranger robot cat sticker that decorates Miriam’s skateboard. An adorable little animal with which the general public has already been able to meet in the trailer of the film.

The presence of the Pizza Planet chain in Red alert


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Among other references to toy story, there is also the emblematic Pizza Planet restaurant chain. Featured in several studio animated films, the food franchise stealthily returns to Red alert. In fact, we see a delivery car pass as Mei crosses town to join the 4*Town concert. An Easter egg for eagle eyes only!


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