10 Bridgerton Filming Secrets That Will Surprise You


Bridgerton he won the hearts of millions of viewers. With its romantic stories, endearing characters, and impressive costumes, we understand why!

With two seasons under his belt and at least two more to come, Bridgerton It is one of the most popular series in the history of Netflix. While we wait for the next season, we’ve dug up some interesting facts for you. behind the scenes which may surprise you!

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10 shooting secrets Bridgerton :

1. All the actors followed a training ground about the english regency

To make sure they looked natural in their roles, all the actors on the show went through a comprehensive 6-week course on this era. They studied history, certain talents such as singing and horseback riding, as well as the rules of courtesy during the Regency! According to them, it was useful for their work, but above all beneficial for forming bonds of friendship between them.

2. Changes have been made to the books to modernize everything

The series wanted to bring a diversity to the screen that doesn’t exist in the books to better reflect modern society. This is also the case for costumes that are not 100% historically accurate, but are inspired by the era. Also, some TV characters were invented to add a bit of flavor.

3. Simone Ashley (Kate) and Jonathan Bailey (Anthony) had some mishaps with their costumes.

Several actresses confessed that wearing the corset during long hours of filming was not easy, but no one warned Simone Ashley of the potential dangers. On her first day, she ate a fairly large meal to ensure she had enough energy. What she didn’t know was that wearing a brace changes digestion and the amount of food a person can eat…and she got sick!

For his part, Jonathan Bailey was not used to the stiff fabric in which his suit pants were made. During a scene where he’s practicing fencing, he slipped and his pants ripped where they shouldn’t! He called the moment extremely embarrassing.

4. The actor-dog who plays Newton Sharma caused a series of problems on the set

Newton can be lovable, he wasn’t easy on the set of Bridgerton! Played by Austin the corgi, the dog ruined several scenes by suddenly barking. According to many, the only way to stop him was to give him a piece of sausage.

Austin also had a bad habit of eating small stones on the ground, to the point that he passed out during one day of filming and had to be taken to the vet. Fortunately, all’s well that ends well. Austin even forged a special bond with Simone Ashley and her dog. Lovely!

5. Jonathan Bailey Almost Played Another Role


It’s hard to imagine him in a role other than Anthony Bridgerton, but Jonathan first auditioned for the role of Duke Simon! The producers fell in love with Regé-Jean Page for the role, but they liked Jonathan so much that they offered him an audition for another part. And you know the rest!

Mario Mitsis/WENN

6. You may recognize some outfits

a big part of Bridgerton it is filmed in the studio, but some sets are in real houses which are sometimes found in other productions!

For example, we can see the Wilton House mansion that was used in the series. The crown. Additionally, the Bridgerton family home is located in Wrotham Park and can be recognized from Sense and Sensibility, jane eyre and the movies King.

7. COVID has changed the way they film

In Season 1, during the dance scenes, for example, there could be 200 to 300 extras on set. For the second season, filmed during the pandemic, it was necessary to change the way things were done.

For the large-scale scenes, the creator of the series confessed that there were only 30 or 40 people on stage and that through strategic camera angles, but also the use of special effects, the illusion of a crowd was created.

8. Queen Charlotte has the most elaborate costumes

Various characters, such as Daphne and the Queen, never wear the same dress twice. For Charlotte, the idea was pushed even further, as she never wears the same wig twice. Her wardrobe is so large and complicated that actress Golda Rosheuvel had to be transported from her dressing room to the set in a special car.

9. Speaking of costumes, every color means something.

Outfits are very important in Bridgerton. The costume designers have thought of everything! Each family had its own specific color code. The Bridgertons are all dressed in neutral shades of white and grey, as well as blue, to symbolize that they are an established family in society.

For the Featheringtons, the palette of oranges, yellows, and pinks is quite lurid, representing their quirky side. Listening to Season 2, you’ll also notice that Anthony and Kate wear darker colors at the beginning of the season, and these lighten over the episodes as they bloom.

10. Love scenes are not easy to film.

To ensure that the actors feel comfortable during the sex scenes, an “intimacy coordinator” was hired. His role is to be with the actors, guide them during filming and reassure them. He was also responsible for installing devices in the actors’ costumes that prevented their private parts from touching!

There you go, you know more.

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